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Programming languages are chosen based on the requirement of the application to be developed which encompasses various parameters to decide the advantages and disadvantages. That brings us to the question – So should you choose Python or Node JS for your project?

Python is a programming language that helps integrate systems. Node.js is an environment. It allows javascript to run on the server side instead of the browser. Node.js is based on the Chrome’s V8 engine that runs on Google Chrome.

Benefits of Node.js

  • Node.js is a fast server-side solution. Node.js is faster compared to Python and is preferred for real-time applications like chat apps or applications with 3D graphics which are memory intensive.
  • Node.js is unique and advanced as it allows usage of JavaScript both on the backend as well as the front end.
  • Node.js is a single-threaded solution. Additional node.js processes can be created with node clusters and workers to make it scalable.

Limitations of Node.js:

  • Relatively less efficient when used with CPU intensive operations.
  • NPM modules lack proper documentation.


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Benefits of Python:

  • Python is easy to learn and use with its expressive and concise syntax.
  • Enables faster development of applications compared to other languages.
  • Python has rich libraries for server-side development when compared to Node.js. The Ecosystem modules provide access to features that are not available in the standard library.

Limitations of Python:

  • It is not available on mobile and browsers and does not work well in them and complementing it with other languages increases maintenance.
  • Domain-specific Languages (DSLs) are not supported in Python that could have helped in optimizing UI development to make it faster.
  • Python and Node.js has its own set of benefits and limitations and each one can be used as per the requirement.
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