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Before proceeding further and learning about the differences that Shopify and Shopify Plus hold, we suggest you to run some knowledge against these sources first. Shopify is mainly crafted for providing robust e-commerce ecosystem. It helps you to get all the necessary features and tools for starting your business, with advanced e-commerce values.

More on Shopify:

Searching the internet will let you come across more than 1500 apps that Shopify marketplace has in store. The main goal is to expand all functions at any time possible. When your store starts growing, Shopify will present you with multiple tools to scale with business.

  • Some of the current statistics clearly state that Shopify has already empowered over 3, 25,000 stores online. So, this platform has crossed more than 24 billion in total transaction.
  • Moreover, we love the dedicated theme market that Shopify has in store. Here, we got to find the perfect pixel and user-friendly template.
  • With one vast ecosystem of developers and designers all around, the Shopify theme is pretty perfectly crafted. It has a clean code, which makes ranking a lot easier on search engines.

Now for the Shopify Plus:

Even though we have all praise about Shopify, but when it comes to Shopify Plus, then we have so much more to share. This source is dedicated to enterprise-level e-commerce business now. Shopify Plus was promisingly developed for making enterprise level e-commerce more scalable, reliable and simpler.

  • It does not matter how much your company makes every year, Shopify Plus is able to handle all of that with its robust e-commerce ecosystem.
  • We believe that Shopify Plus is designed for solving enterprise level e-commerce issues. This sector won’t just power up the enterprise level e-commerce areas with its features, but will reduce technology based issues too.
  • We believe that Shopify Plus is perfect for enterprise level e-commerce business, big ventures and wholesale marketers, in the watch out for reliable and robust software.

Shopify vs. Shopify Plus: Which One to Choose?

We hereby present to you an inside scoop on Shopify and Shopify Plus, regarding which one to choose. Even if you are looking to upgrade existing package or launch any new online store, then understanding the differences is critical.

  • The design and theme flexibility:

Both on Shopify and Shopify Plus, you will receive 73 themes. Other than 9 free themes, prices for most of them will range between $140 and $180.

  • Shopify:

With the help of Shopify, you can modify the theme and then use Liquid-an open source language for any CSS or HTMO editing. So, you need some clear understanding of liquid coding for using the services. We have step by step guidance for that as well. Moreover, the templates are available in multiple languages.

In case you are willing to create online store for targeted audiences of any particular country, there are various languages available for that. Customers would love to stick with native language more and that helps them to visit your website more often.

  • Shopify Plus:

When it comes to Shopify plus, you need to focus on Launch Management for writing codes. It helps the users to custom edit the page whenever they want. This way, a Launch manager helps to save you a great deal of money. You get the opportunity to spend extra time at businesses right at enterprise level.

Moreover, with the help of Shopify Plus, we get the opportunity to use Script Editor for customizing checkout page, which is not featured with other Shopify plans. These scripts will help you to customize the experiences within the cart and at checkout areas for customers. Here, you will receive types of scripts like Payment scripts, line item scripts and Shipping scripts.

The Platform Tools:

Now, let us discuss a bit about their platform tools.

  • Shopify:

With Shopify, you will receive online store with 73 themes, 15 staff accounts, blogging capabilities, unlimited product and storage and other features. You will receive manual order creation, fraud analysis, gift cards, discount codes, email notification templates, reports, abandoned card recovery and even customer accounts.

  • Shopify Plus:

Shopify Plus will present you with all the tools that you get on the advanced Shopify plan. Here, you will get unlimited transactions, bandwidth and staff accounts. Moreover, this place has 99.9% uptime, check out liquid access, customized SSL checkout certificate, access to exclusive APIs and more.

  • Best Service System:

With both Shopify and Shopify Plus, you will receive 24 x 7 technical supports via phone, live chat and email. Additionally, Shopify will also present you with dedicated Merchant Success manager and Dedicated Launch manager.

Going through the information will let you realize what you can purchase from Shopify and Shopify Plus. In order to get help of such platforms, make sure to give us a call. We have a team of well-trained professionals, ready to serve you with best results.

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