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Shopify will keep you away from all the tech worries. It is a SaaS-based system that manages hosting, server, and upgrades on the back end. With its indispensable features and impeccable support, Shopify has captured the position of being one of the most successful eCommerce platforms.

Here are few advantages of using Shopify

Easy to use and Quick to setup – It keeps you away from the development and its deployment. Which otherwise you will have to bear in case of other platforms. The admin interface is very well structured, as you will find everything in its right place.

Tech it easy – Shopify is popular for being a tech-free platform as long as you are satisfied with basic Shopify store. Its hosting is robust, fast and built to scale with all your needs. Its regular automated updates keep you ahead in the competition.

Secure & safe – An eCommerce store’s work is to constantly deal with sensitive information of credit cards and Its basically requires the store to be safe, secure and always online. Well, Shopify has them all, you can enable SSL certificates and it also takes care of PCI compliance.

Impeccable customer support – There is extensive support through phone, email, and web chat all the time. You will always have company to resolve glitches either minor or major. There are various resources like documentation, forums, videos, guides to sort things out. Here’s a list of shopify developers that you can consult to get your eCommerce website built.

Made for Mobile – With increasing penetration of mobile phones users in accessing the web, it has become crucial for your store to be mobile ready. Good news is, all of the Shopify themes are mobile responsive. If that’s not enough you can use MageNative to create Native apps for your store on both Android or iOS.


An App for everything – Apps are a great way to add and enhance the functionalities of your store. There are apps for accounting, shipping, loyalty programs, reward programs, emails, reporting, Multichannel sales and for almost for aspect possible, You just name it, Shopify has it ready for you.

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Marketing ready – The platform is built by people with an expertise in Development and SEO. The visibility that you will get on search engines will be higher if you have a shopify store as It is built in such a way with an option to add SEO critical info. Moreover, there are various marketing apps for social media, email, PPC which will market your store to its maximum potential.

Abandoned cart recovery – This is a great feature which is built around the most common pain point. All of the abandoned carts are tracked and analyzed, and customers are sent an email as a reminder of their abandoned purchase. It helps a great deal in improving and increasing the conversion rates.

Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott


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