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Responsive website design is a kind of design made for the websites not only to make it attractive but the user can automatically scale its content and elements to match the size of the screen when it is viewed by them. It prevents the screen from extending the height and width of the screen and reducing the work of the user to read the content.

The main aim of responsive website design is to reduce unnecessary scrolling, zooming, resizing the screen. Nowadays, the number of mobile users is surpassing and most of the site visits are from mobile devices.

So, most of the websites were inclining toward updating their site to a mobile-friendly site for a better customer base. On the other hand, the companies whose websites were not mobile-friendly to users were gradually declining their global ranking.

Hence,  responsive websites are designed in such a way that the user need not have to scroll down or resize manually for reading content.

Why should you invest in responsive website design?

The main aim of Responsive website design services companies is to make the site appealing and easily viewable for both laptop as well as mobile users. As, because the number of mobile viewers is increasing, responsive design companies are giving more effort to build mobile-friendly sites.

Below-mentioned are some of the advantages of using responsive design for your website and why it is worthy investing in it-

Enhance User-experience

If you have a responsive web design, then your user will have a positive review of your site and they can also recommend your site to others also. When the visitors can easily access your site, they will stay for longer and will surely find that your website easily scales and responds to all their commands properly. On the other hand, if they find it difficult to navigate your site and forcibly zoom the content, then they will surely not stay for longer on your website.

Better SEO analytics

One of the greatest benefits of having a responsive web design is that your Search Engine rankings will be higher. Your website ranking is globally considered by Google, and if your website is not responsive, then automatically your site ranking will make a downfall.

If your site is on the top page of Google, then you will have a better chance to get potential customers.

Increase in site traffic

If you implement responsive design in your website, then you can notice that your site traffic has automatically increased. According to various surveys, it has been discovered that most of the site traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices.

Hence, all companies need to consider this matter and make their way towards developing a mobile-friendly site. The more your site is responsive, the more customers will attract to your site.

Web loading time is faster

If you adopt the responsive design to your website, then it tends to run or load faster than other websites, regardless of the device it is using. On the other hand, the websites that take more loading time are left out by the customers, and they lose their interest in that site.

A good responsive design will create a great impact in the minds of your customers towards your website and they will stay for longer.

Higher customer conversion rate

According to various researches, it has been found that mobile conversion rates are higher than laptop or desktop conversion rate. Hence, it can be clearly declared that if you create your website with a good responsive design then it will be a key to success and you will get a high conversion rate.

You can easily build trust among your customers and it will lead to a better conversion rate for your website.

Faster web development 

Previously the web app developers used to make two different websites one for a desktop version and the other for a mobile version, whenever the screen was found to be smaller. However, if you spend money only to make one responsive web design it will take less time and money.

Web Analytics is simple and easier

If you want to improve your website, then you should definitely know how your users interact with your website. For instance, if you have two different website versions, then the developers have to use multiple conversion funnels, redirecting, and paths to know the website analytics and from where the traffic is coming.

On the other hand, if you have a responsive website design for your site, you do not need to have information from various reports about how your website and content are working.

Easy to Manage

If you have different versions of your website, then it is very difficult to maintain and manage properly. On the contrary, if you have a good responsive web development team, then it will become easy to manage your website. Unlike the multiple versions which require multiple support and testing.

But the responsive web development team will spend less time maintaining your website and focus on the marketing and content management part.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of users who leave the page only after viewing a single page. But this problem has been solved to a great extent with responsive web design, here the customers will have no trouble while surfing the web pages and will stay for longer periods. This will also increase your customer conversion rate.
While wrapping up the content, it can be said that in this digital era, most people have transferred their use from desktop to mobile. Hence, it is quintessential for most companies to adopt responsive web design for a better user experience, higher conversion rate, lesser bounce rates, improved SEO optimization, and many more that are discussed above.

Hence, if your website is still not responsive, it is high time that you need to convert it into a more responsive one to enhance your brand productivity.

Arpana K
Arpana K

Arpana is an integral member of the iWebServices team, bringing her expertise and dedication to our content marketing and insights efforts. With a talent for creating engaging and informative content, Arpana plays a vital role in ensuring our messaging resonates with our audience. Her keen understanding of market trends and her ability to translate data into actionable strategies make her a valuable asset to our team. Arpana's contributions to our blog are filled with insightful perspectives and practical advice, helping our readers navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.


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