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In today’s era, eatery apps are quite popular. Everyone likes a takeaway, especially if it is delivered right to your doorstep. It increases the eateries’ sales, and it definitely makes the life of the consumer easier. But there is a tiny glitch in this story – the eatery apps are increasing in number, which again increases rivalry between competitive apps. How do you win the margin in this competitive market?

You might have to optimize your eatery app to reduce this gap of competition – for that you might have to work on the enrollments, client commitments, client steadfastness and maintenance, new client securing and brand discernment. Below listed are the following points that you should be working on, to maximize your profits on a large scale:

POS Reconciliation and Payment Systems

This is an essential phase of the transaction, and it is here that you can decipher the buying type of your clients.  Incorporate a Purpose of Offer framework into your application, and this will change the way things work. It is extremely evident that more number of eatery apps will include POS through their scanners, example, the QR code that is present in banners or posters. You could easily use them while making payments.

Programs with Loyal Discounts

Everyone loves a free meal, and a discounted meal. Loyalty programs are abundant in the eatery business. Shoppers are expecting these rewards at all eateries, and this massively increases the chance of a loyal customer base. If it is your app that is providing heavy discount to its users, then automatically a lot of customers will follow. Computerized loyalty projects are always a great boost on return of investment – which increases the sales and retains customers even. Coordinate the discounts with the social media and get a further strong loyal following. Connecting this again to POS can help to guarantee a handsome return on investment.

Programs with Loyal Discounts

App must have Web Based Requesting Feature

A web based requesting format is also a great idea to enhance the business. Demand these days for online orders have increased multifold. The nature of demand also has changed significantly because of the way the consumer behaves these days – thus clicking a few tabs on apps is much more convenient for the users. Combine social platforms too on this venture to get a great result.

Message pop-ups

Any user will need a reminder that something new is brewing. Message pop-ups are a great way to take advertisement to the next level. Send in mindful information and retain your customers, even increase your sales drastically. Make the ads personalized even – send them a glimpse of the favorite dish that they have ordered several times, or their all time favourite meal. That way, the user will not be able to give up on using the app. Send the messages at the right time, and the right place and most of your work is done.

It is really how much you know your clients, and how well you respond to them. Use dynamic profiling with your clients and make it a notch easier. Make a questionnaire that will give you a proper profile of your client, and use that information to optimize your app.

Promotional Prizes

Client promotion is a very important step, as customers lost interest very rapidly. Verbal promotion is an excellent way to go about it, and showcasing is yet another brilliant way to keep customers engrossed.  Social networking too plays a massive role in this – a huge audience can be attracted if you start harnessing the power of social media. Verbally promoting works wonders, especially there is no cost involved. Customers who would pass on the referrals get slight fringe benefits and that would be enough.

Social Engagement

This is one great medium to spread your business – this would engage maximum customers and help you to take customer engagement to a new level. One can include customer referral in this part itself – this network helps to provide you information on socioeconomics, interests and more.

Social Engagement

Client input management

This is one proficient way to improve on the eatery application. Survey your application thoroughly, find out what extra your competitors are doing, and incorporate into your own. Client reviews can help you understand points that you are probably missing out on. This gives you an extra chance to work on things that have skipped your eye. Reviews are thus a great way to recognize shortcomings.

Client Profiling

This helps to see your clients better – grouping them always helps. Segmenting will help you to share the prizes and rewards even more easily. Even the push notifications can be sent quite conveniently.


These help to keep up the interaction with the customer when you are not present. These are AI components that keep up a parallel discussion with the customer and look after the needs of the customers. It is not possible to be around 24 x 7 , so these can be a life savior. All customers like an interaction and answers to their queries, so this is something that should be kept as a provision.

Augmented Reality

This is an intuitive application,  this application lets the user scan a particular food item, and then find similar food items in other stores, with their prices and other details. This is a notch ahead from regular apps, but something that can be experimented with.

With the above features incorporated into the eatery app, it is bound to happen that your app will rise in the charts of top eatery apps. It will also successfully trap customers, retain them, and increase the return on investment rapidly. It is always prudent to take advantage of all modern inventions and maximize the benefits – a chance to make great profits.

Arpana K
Arpana K

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