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7 Examples of eCommerce Store Developed on OpenCart

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CalnderFebruary 26, 2020
7 Examples of eCommerce Store Developed on OpenCart
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No matter what type of business you own, getting a feature-rich and user-friendly website is quite necessary for you. Those eCommerce business owners should always ensure that their website is user-friendly, feature-packed, robust, etc.

Besides, your eCommerce website should also be blessed with some necessary features such as multiple payment gateways, a wish list, a perfect user interface, etc. In order to ensure that you should also make the selection of the right CMS platform.

While choosing CMS platforms for eCommerce store development, you will get plenty of options to choose from. So, you need to be highly careful and make a selection of an appropriate CMS that easily caters to the core requirements of your projects and helps you in getting the right eCommerce business, which ensures the proper growth of your business.

When it comes to OpenCart, it’s considered to be the most appropriate CMS for creating a powerful and business-centric eCommerce store that can engage maximum numbers of users, and increase product sales, conversion rates, and revenues. This increased the demand for OpenCart website development in the market.

Best Examples of eCommerce Websites developed on OpenCart

Let’s discuss here some popular websites that are developed on OpenCart and witnessed their huge popularity among people. Take a look.


While talking about some of the popular websites developed on OpenCart, it’s appropriate to start from none other than woodenposters that deal with selling a wide range of products. The website offers the largest collection of durable products like posters made up of wood.


Catandthefiddle is another website that is popular among top online cake shops. It attracts buyers by offering mouth-watering desserts while ensuring 100% purity.

The website developed on the OpenCart platform appears quite appealing with a simple and easy checkout process. It also intimates buyers about the delivery even before they place their order to buy the product.


Welovefine offers a wide collection of custom-design clothes and various accessories and lets buyers purchase their favorite products. While visiting the website, you will be able to notice the way a particular OpenCart theme displays the largest collection of products. Whereas the accessories section mainly displays soft toys, key rings, bags, and lots more.


It’s another well-known website developed on OpenCart CMS. 6dollarshirts serves its main purpose of existence to help buyers in purchasing printed t-shirts quite easily. The eCommerce website is simple, easy-to-use, powerful, etc. and lets customers order the products that they wish to purchase hassle-free.

While accessing 6dollarshirts, buyers will be able to go through multiple designs and buy the right one through a simple checkout process. The beauty of the website gets more invigorated by its slider.


If you are looking to develop an eCommerce website to sell a number of products, you need to visit wholesalebox. Once you visit the website properly, you will be able to find that browsing the number of products or sites having too many products to sell is generally not heavier. You will be able to find how fast your website could be if you develop your eCommerce website on the OpenCart platform.


It’s another website that you will come across while visiting some of the topmost websites developed on the OpenCart platform. Those who are not interested in selling too many products on their website and seeking to develop specialized websites to cater to a particular group need to visit ChocoConcept.


Be it handicrafts, kitchen appliances, fashion, apparel, or digital accessories, zoomkala lets people find a variety of products under a single roof. One can access this website to explore the largest collection of a variety of products.

Developed on the OpenCart platform, the website leveraged the journal2 theme is blessed with an attention-seeking appearance complemented by a white background. If you are looking to explore a heavy OpenCart eCommerce store, you should then definitely visit zoomkala.


OpenCart brings a lot of opportunities for the eCommerce industry to thrive by engaging more visitors, and increasing product sales, conversion, and ROI. If you also seek to have a user-friendly and business-centric eCommerce website, you should hire an OpenCart developer from iWebServices.


Kumar A

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