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Smartphones and it’s major driver, mobile apps have hit that entire world by the storm. Today, you can find apps of any and every domain right at your service. Whether you are looking for a cab to book, a salon appointment, a laundry service, or order food, mobile apps are the one-stop solution for all.  The history of apps started with ordering foods and now has spanned across multiple domains, this time it’s the healthcare industry being spun by the aftermath of app induction.


  • According to research, every day 30000 healthcare apps are downloaded worldwide.
  • As estimated by Statista, the total revenue earned by mobile apps would reach $58.8 billion by the end of 2020
  • Another report affirms the presence of 3.25 lacs healthcare apps worldwide.

So, you see there lies a tremendous opportunity in the field of healthcare apps, and no wonder they are becoming popular at such a faster pace. And these apps are not just related to the doctors and scheduling appointments. Healthcare has been blessed with a diverse variety of apps. Fitbit is a fitness app meant to track your steps, calories burned, breath rate, BP, etc. Calm is another app dedicated to fostering peace in the mind of its users. Multiple bedtime routines with meditation techniques to calm one’s mind. Ludwig is the app for the dead people, helping them hear and Maya is one that spreads awareness among the Bangladeshi women by giving them free advice on health issues.

So, apps have not just transformed by revolutionized the healthcare industry. And hence, it has become more of a necessity than just a fad.

Why Does Healthcare Industry Need A Mobile App?

Healthcare apps are built keeping in mind the doctor-patient relationship has gained significant importance lately. The fact that doctors can update the health status of the patient in apps makes it convenient for them to trace the same effectively.  This eliminates the need for a traditional form of prescription as the new age doctors feed the desired advice to the apps. As per a report, 93% of doctors worldwide are of the view that healthcare apps could enhance patient health. Additionally, it is seen that around 80% of doctors use a mobile app for patient communication. In case of an emergency, the doctor need not wait for patient reports as he can easily track them down at the app.

Beneficial To Patients

Healthcare apps are beneficial not only to the medical staff and the doctors but also to the patients. Whether a patient needs to book an appointment with a doctor or opt for a piece of medical advice, look for test reports or search for a specialist, purchase medicines or inquire about a problem, mobile apps turn handy and eliminate the need to physically visit a doctor unless it’s very important. In addition to the above, patients could also place a video call directly to the doctor if he/she needs to resolve an issue face to face. Though this would incur extra charges it’s worth giving a penny. Patients can also consult dieticians online to stay updated on their nutrient requirements and other fitness issues. All of the above directly influence the patient as they have a greater hold over their health. Many a time, people avoid consulting a doctor just because they don’t have time to visit the same but with the incorporation of healthcare apps, patients can seek medical advice at their own convenience.

Integration Of IoT With Healthcare Apps

Integration Of IoT With Healthcare Apps
True that IoT is a buzz word globally and this is not a fad but the term and the technology in itself is capable of transforming lives. Considering the incorporation of IoT in healthcare apps, the industry is witnessing unparalleled benefits. IoT enables real-time monitoring of patient care.  IoT backed devices help doctors to monitor the health of patient even in remote conditions. These app-connected devices have the capability to record vital information such as Blood Pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels, weights, ECG, etc. Upon measuring the same, the data can be then transferred to a physician or maybe a specialist using the app. This way doctors can track the patient even if he is not yet in the hospital. The doctors can then suggest temporary measures to better the patient condition. And hence turns beneficial in cases of emergency.

Eliminates The Risk Of Wrong Treatment

Operating on a patient or guiding him/her on the medical condition might sometimes be the other way round.  Truly said, To Err is human.  So we all can make mistakes but in the healthcare industry, one mistake, no matter how small could turn fatal and risk one’s life. Hence, a doctor needs to be very sure before doing anything. There have been instances when the wrong diagnosis leads to the death of a person or maybe worsen his/her condition. The application of mobile apps in the industry of health care has deterred such a phenomenon. The fact that all patient data is fed into apps, doctors receive the actual report and then prescribe the needed medications. Even the medical staff has access to patient data digitally, so making mistakes in treating a patient is considerably reduced.

Personal Health Monitoring

Personal Health Monitoring

Healthcare apps have made every patient a doctor in itself. People have a greater awareness of their health problems and can keep a track on any of the alarming signs. Earlier, people were not versed in judging which symptom causes a particular problem but with the advent of healthcare devices, basic information can easily be measured and notified with the associated apps. This way people can take care of themselves and also prevent the onset of a bigger problem.

So, the benefits of the mobile apps healthcare sector are vast and this would only rise in the upcoming years. Though it was just a cliche earlier, it now has become a major part of everyone’s life. And why not, when you have such a technology that could benefit your life, using it at the extreme ends is always a choice to be made.

Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott


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