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In the age of mobile technology, a large scale of users prefer to shop online using mobile devices. To ensure successful penetration in the eCommerce market, startups in this industry need to prioritize deploying mobile apps by relying on a worthwhile eCommerce app development company.

Today, eCommerce apps play a crucial role in connecting eCommerce businesses with customers or clientele. Businesses can easily understand user behavior, contemplate their preferences, and more to be leveraged to serve better to their customers and impact their annual revenue.

So, this blog is curated to cover all the aspects that you need to focus on and implement the same to capture the market, engage the potential customer base, ensure market sustainability, and drive profitability at scale.

Further, selecting the right eCommerce app development company can truly help to initiate confidently. Now, let’s roll out our eyes on eCommerce market situations, adoptions, and futuristic growth.

How mobile apps for eCommerce are dominating the market?

With the inclusion of several market situations, technology innovations, and the continuous evolution of smartphone usage, the eCommerce market is encouraged to make seamless and hassle-free purchases with no time or place limitations.

Further, the evolution of wallets and other seamless online payments reinforced the eCommerce market to grow and scale in a speedy way. However, the pandemic situation also played a vital role in uplifting user adoption for making more and more online purchases.

Being an eCommerce startup ensuring your footprints in your desired market could be quite a struggling concept if you compete with traditional web solutions. Since the eCommerce market is already reserved by major market leaders, to ensure your seamless penetration, you need to embark by deploying your eCommerce mobile app from a reputed eCommerce app development company like iWebServices.

If we listen to eMarketer, eCommerce sales will reach $6 trillion by 2024.

Why is a mobile app crucial for your startup eCommerce business?

With the amalgamation of technology emergence and user preferences, eCommerce startups need to craft their effective online presence preferred by modern users. Unfolding potential reasons compelling the startups to develop and deploy their eCommerce app to establish in the desired marketplace and start driving growth from the very initial stage:

Today’s customers prefer mobile apps

Modern customers have left traditional eCommerce websites behind, they feel more comfortable, enthralling, and secure while leveraging the eCommerce app built with seamless features and easy-to-use navigation. Hiring an eCommerce app developer associated with an industry-experienced eCommerce development agency can help you acquire the desired result.

Provides faster & user-friendly navigation

Compared to traditional websites, mobile apps offer engaging and a faster experience to the users/customers. Since mobile apps perform better than websites in terms of speed, navigation, and user engagement as well as prevent them from being slower down which is often a common thing with mobile apps.

Being a startup organization, when you offer your products or services through eCommerce mobile apps rather than traditional systems, you enable your users to enjoy seamless navigation equipped with faster speed and performance.

Furthermore, by targeting your specific audience, you can develop and launch your eCommerce app for a specific user base. Depending on your targeted user availability, you need to decide whether to go for eCommerce iOS or eCommerce Android app development.

When you develop apps where most of your targeted users remain available, you take a productive step toward mobile app development for eCommerce businesses.

Your customers love seamless yet real-time support

You cannot deny the continuously increasing customer expectations, especially in terms of real-time and smoother support. Present customers leverage smartphones to ensure their day-to-task whether to shop online, book or schedule online appointments, or manage their office commute.

Considering this whole thing, it becomes inevitable to provide real-time support to your customers. When a customer-focused approach is adopted during mobile app development for eCommerce businesses, it leads businesses to grow and start driving scalability. Leveraging chatbots, or integrated bots can truly help you in providing seamless support to your customers.

Helps to drive personalized customer experience

For eCommerce businesses, serving personalized customer experience is essential to sustain existing customer relationships and acquire a new customer base. Here, hiring an eCommerce app development company can help to develop an online shopping platform with the capability of understanding user behavior in terms of analyzing their preferences and choices. This helps to serve your customers what they need, what they are looking for, and what they may expect in the future.

An AI-based analytics capability integrated into your eCommerce app can help you to come up with such customer information to serve them a personalized customer experience now and in the future.

Built-in tools can be leveraged to optimize sales

When you allow the amalgamation of your online shopping platform with built-in tools, you can attract and drive better sales growth. Such built-in tools include GPS (Global Positioning System), microphones, cameras, planners, product processing/tracking, and more. More facilitation in your app ensures more improved customer experience and eventually, it impacts your overall growth.

Drive a more connected and synchronized experience

To effectively drive your eCommerce startup, connecting all of your social or communication channels synchronized can help you drive a satisfactory customer experience. When you allow your customers to connect & interact with you in a seamless manner, and get notified about new launches, discounts & deals, and more; you start gaining customer trust and loyalty.

Ensuring that your eCommerce web app and mobile app’s information is synchronized in real-time can help your customers ensure a successful purchase. For instance, by allowing your customers to place orders using a mobile app for items they moved in the cart using your web app.

Also, enabling seamless yet secured login can help your customers to enjoy hassle-free shopping. Enabling your eCommerce mobile app with the self-support option helps to facilitate your customers to raise their complaint pertaining to returns and refunds, and to process the required dynamic changes when occurs.

To implement such functional capability, connecting with an expert eCommerce app developer or hiring an eCommerce app development company like iWebServices can help.

Simple, seamless, and secure payment processing

In today’s digital age, buyers believe in seamless, secure, and a variety of payment options including debit/credit, UPI, PayPal, digital wallets, and more. Lacking in providing seamless, secure, and multi-payment options, you may face losing customers.

Managing customers’ card/payment ways and enabling them to fulfill their payments using fingerprint sensors, ensures customers about safer and more secure payment transactions. Deploying such features and capabilities helps to prevent unauthorized access to the debit/credit card information of your customers.

Now, after contemplating the need for mobile app development for your eCommerce business, let’s understand the required features that you need to implement to ensure the quick market establishment and to ensure passing through proven milestones.

Must-have features for your startup eCommerce app development

Your customers can prefer your app usage merely when you provide seamless features, functional navigation, and an effective layout encouraging the customer satisfactory deal considering all of their perspectives.

So, let’s have eyes on essential features that you can expect from a capable yet trustworthy eCommerce app builder or development company:

Ensure easy registration

Keeping a simple and easy registration process for your customers can please them. Make sure that you are asking for relevant information to be quickly filled there as asking for too much information during the sign-up process may compel your customers to leave your platform before they even join. Remember, modern customers believe in quick, simple, and easy-to-use features to leverage the capabilities of any eCommerce app.

Secure & reliable payment methods 

Present customers anticipate a variety of payment solutions while making any sort of purchase. Concluding safer & secure parameters is also a considerable factor for them since they have to provide their payment/banking details which are sensitive information for them indeed.

Initially, a customer will ensure making a purchase for the finalized product, but their returning back will be depending on how quick and reliable payment options you are providing them. Moreover, one-click payment in a secure manner can ensure flexibility and user-friendliness.

Seamless check-out

Do not complicate the shopping cart experience for your customers. To ensure customer retention, you need to serve them a simple, seamless, and hassle-free experience.

Ensure quickness, efficiency, and convenience for them while checking out to ensure an improved customer experience.

Working on this part is truly crucial whether you develop your Android app or choose eCommerce iOS app development. An experienced app development company holding industrial exposure and imbibing the practical approach can help to deploy customer-driven startup eCommerce apps.

Allowing in-app notifications

Since your customers are surrounded by multiple eCommerce apps to carry out their purchasing needs. Hence, it is inevitable to keep them engaged on your online shopping platform to prevent customer diversion. Here, In-app notifications help to engage your customers fruitfully.

The more you engage your customers, the more you create opportunities whereby they make frequent purchases, and eventually, it helps to drive conversions. Thereby, make sure that your app is equipped with an in-app notification feature that drives customers and impacts your overall business context.

Providing a complete product catalog

When you provide end-to-end product information from product description to specification, technical details, features & configurations (in the case of the digital product), usage instructions, and more, it helps your customers to make buying decisions quickly and ensure their sustainability on your mobile application.

So, ensure providing the complete product information with clear visuals, and pricing. If you are concluding EMI options, make sure your buyers should be able to see the price distribution for each month for individual bank/financing institutions.

Improved Customer Service

During online shopping, engaging with your customers is more challenging than physically engaging with your customers. However, offering them seamless support whenever they are in need can truly help to serve an improved customer experience.

There could be several ways to ensure proven customer services that you can ask your provider to implement in your eCommerce app. Such support entities could be integrating AI chat windows, enabling mailing options, or providing helpline numbers.

Order tracking/monitoring in real-time

Today’s buyers are busy individuals and expecting early delivery can bring an extra smile to their faces. To ensure so, collaborating with the right shipment and logistics partners can work. However, you can always help them with order tracking or monitoring in real time.

So, never forget to enable your customers to track their product status. Allow them to know the exact date of their product arrival. This will help them to stay available to receive the product on the arrival date and ensure effectiveness.

How to successfully launch a mobile app for your eCommerce startup?

For the successful establishment of your startup eCommerce app, it is essential to adhere to the step-by-step process. However, before selecting the right eCommerce app development partner, being a startup organization, you need to come up with early preparation in terms of your actual requirements, desired budget, the marketplace that you are willing to target, and more.

So, let’s consider all those required steps to ensure your eCommerce app success:

Come up with your app objectives

To ensure your app’s success, deciding your app goals is a primary step to be considered. Most of the apps fail due to not defining the app goals prior to app development. Once you come up with your app objectives, it enables your provider to suggest required features, functional navigation, and your required customization level.

Know your targeted audience type

Ensuring your startup eCommerce app success totally depends on the targeted user base. When you get aware of your targeted audience, it’s time to perform research to know your customer’s behavior, buying interests, and more. This will help to ensure enriching your app with the right development flow and feature navigation.

Decide the type of app you need

After getting awareness about your targeted user base, it’s time to decide the type of app that you need to develop and deploy for an eCommerce startup. Ideally, you can choose from the following app types:

Native Apps

Native app development is totally referred to as either eCommerce Android app or eCommerce iOS app development. If your users remain available on the iOS platform, it would be better to select iOS. In case your potential user base leverages Android applications, then you need to choose- eCommerce Android app development for your startup.

Hybrid Apps

Choosing a hybrid platform could be a proven smarter deal for those who want to target both Android and iOS users. Deploying hybrid apps, allows both your Android and iOS users to leverage your online shopping application. In this type of app, you get your single-developed code that runs on both the Android and iOS app marketplaces.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the kind of mobile apps that run across browsers with greater speed and improved performance. These apps also serve seamless customer engagement, secure payment processing, and reliable support to customers. If you want to give your users an app-like experience on browsers, then going with PWA apps can help to drive your goals.

Determine the functional navigation

Once you finalize the type of app you want to get developed, it’s time to decide what sort of features and functional navigation you need to include in your startup app.

So, we have already discussed the must-have features that you can consider keeping in your app. Rest your app development provider can always help with your customized feature set demonstrating your specific app development requirements.

Budgeting Analysis & Planning

Make sure that you come up with your required app features and functional requirements matching your desired budget. Plan your functional requirement striking a balance between your development needs and your budget limitations.

Designing & Development

Once all such initial decisions are made, it’s time to finally design and develop your app exhibiting your requirement, budget, user experience, and market segmentation. Make sure that your hired eCommerce app development company leverages standard coding expertise, ensures agile methodology, and delivers with timely adherence.

MVP Deployment

MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is the app development practice wherein your app is developed and deployed with minimum yet prioritized functionalities. We at iWebServices help and develop MVP apps whereby you can test the market and based on your customer feedback and acceptance, you can get your app developed with fully required functionalities.

This is the way that helps to prevent your eCommerce app from failing. After knowing your app performance, you can come up with changes or improvements to ensure your app’s success in your desired app marketplace.

Quality assurance & app deployment

Once the end-to-end development is performed, the quality assurance part takes place. However, quality assurance is performed throughout the app development phase but on completion of development, QA & testing are performed to ensure that your app is completely bug-free and ready to deploy/launch in the market.

At iWebServices, we ensure high-end quality assurance to ensure your app is running smoothly and seamlessly with no single interruption.

How much investment is required to build a startup eCommerce app?

Your eCommerce app investment can be determined based on your app’s functional requirement, complexity level, the market you desire, the support & maintenance you acquire, and end-user training you avail of, and more.

We suggest you connect with our consulting representatives to get an exact quote for your startup eCommerce app development.

How iWebServices – an eCommerce app development company can help you to grow at scale?

Launching mobile applications to drive your business is truly essential these days as you cannot deny online shoppers demanding an eCommerce experience with quickness, security, and reliability.

Ensuring success for your eCommerce mobile app primarily depends on selecting the right eCommerce app development company with the capability of personalizing your eCommerce apps the way you want.

Here is what distinct we provide to our clients to ensure eCommerce app success:

Flexible Yet Cost-Effective Pricing

Our pricing policy is quite flexible yet competitive in the worldwide market. We help businesses evolve their business context and save their costs up to 60% through our dedicated eCommerce Android app development or iOS development.

Agile Working Methodology

Our development process is agile allowing for dynamic input and feedback that can be implemented seamlessly as each module progresses. Our dedicated team works with you during your flexible hours so that real-time communication remains efficient throughout the entire cycle.

Support model

Our comprehensive support services guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted journey for your mobile app development project – from deployment to post-deployment. We prioritize efficiency and productivity while consistently delivering maximum value to you.

To Sum Up

Thus, considering all the essential factors, you can see how deploying an eCommerce mobile app is essential to kick-start your startup business. If you have queries to be answered, connect with us. Experts at our eCommerce app development company can help you out.

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