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Internet and mobile applications are helping people to churn out money. If you are looking to make some handsome bucks via the internet, then the most important thing to keep in mind is the selection of an eCommerce platform. Many eCommerce platforms are going around the circuit and the finest should be chosen by you to have maximum profit in the long run. Ever wondered, how these platforms come into existence? Well, they are developed by some of the well-known eCommerce website development companies, with innovation and experience going hand in hand.

Why is eCommerce going strength to strength?

E-commerce is ruling the roost in the contemporary world due to various reasons, and it is inevitable to get a glimpse of them, before being all praise for this new way to shop.

  • Shopping is all about finding customers and giving out goods and services to them. Traditionally, the customer base was dependent on branding and personal relationships. If a customer has good comradery with a shopkeeper, he/she will end up lending at the store. Conversely, one can reach an eCommerce platform by just typing its credentials on the search engine. This helps to boom the rate of customers, without thinking too much about personal relationships.
  • Gone are those days, when shopping was about pushing the cart around the store or even wandering from store to store in search of your favorite stuff. You can simply type the name of the product, and there will be an end number of options flashing on the screen. If a product is not available on one, then various other portals can be searched in no time searching for a product, a rather easy affair on your part.
  • Having a lot of options to choose from, has a direct impact on the cost of a good or service which you want to acquire. If the cost of a product or service does not appeal to you on one portal, then without any fuss, you can make a move to the other. There is a good chance that somewhere down the line you will find a particular product or service at a price that you wish to hand out.
  • A lot of time and money can be saved, if you have bid adieu to the traditional type of shopping, and moved towards the e-shopping module. This came as a savior to almost all of us, who were contained within the four walls, and could not hurl out to our favorite shopping outlets, owing to the pandemic situation. With some finger tapping, you can get what you want, and that too at your doorstep.

‘’Internet shopping can do a world of good in the contemporary scenario where everybody is a part of the rat race, and it is almost impossible to spare some leisurely moments’’.

Summary: Magento vs Shopify vs BigCommerce

With so many positives, it is no surprise that there is an increasing rage towards shopping via an eCommerce platform. You surely want to use the best platforms, for making the shopping experience a pleasurable one. Let’s look at three of the big names, and you can make your own choice.

Magento vs Shopify vs BigCommerce



Magento is amongst the top eCommerce platforms. Though it is more and more complex as well. The launch of Magento 2 has taken the portal to the next level, hastening numerous providers to create solutions for B2B eCommerce firms.

Versatile content management– The effective backend and content management system help the users to customize the features of the online stores and go on the merry way of attracting more and more customers.

Mobile-friendly configuration– When using Magento, you don’t have to be doubtful about using it on mobiles or tablets. The user interface is perfectly responsive for mobile compatibility.

Top-notch SEO- Having a fine SEO, it has efficient search engine optimization and, thus gives a better ranking on the search engines.

Having a good amount of space- If you have a large number of orders pouring in daily, and that too for a wide range of products, it has a capacity for 500,000 products and handling 80,000 orders every hour.

Customizable security permissions– Security is the top priority of Magento, it has multiple levels of security, ensuring the utmost internal security of your website. So, if security is on your mind, Magento can be the one to go for.


Shopify is another notable eCommerce platform. It is a web application that helps in creating an online store quickly and easily with the available templates. These can be customized according to your wishes, to give a perfect look to your online store.

Open to a wide range of credit cards– This platform supports a wide-ranging array of credit cards, so there is almost a negligible possibility of a payment conflict issue arising in your store.

No lapse in Security– The data of your customers and store is safe as ever with Shopify’s Level 1 PCI acquiescence and 256-bit SSL encryption.

Making a perfect design– Shopify allows you to manage the functionality and design of your online store. This means you can get it designed as per your whims and fancies.

Mobile-friendliness– Shopify allows managing the store on Shopify mobile apps. It is fully receptive, and the users can effortlessly track and modify their store wherever irrespective of access from mobile or desktop.

Big Commerce

BigCommerce is famed for being the leading cloud eCommerce platform. The platform is as well acknowledged for its reasonable cost and highly flexible APIs. It has an inclusive set of eCommerce tools with an assortment of features and possibilities. It permits your store to appear very different from most of the obligatory solutions in the eCommerce terrain. B2B and B2C clienteles can use this platform as it is easy to formulate diverse lists for different buyer groups.

Complex built-in features- It is quite complex with the built-in features, but this does not make it out of trend, both for upcoming as well as established businesses.

A comprehensive guiding module-  It has an in-depth guiding module for giving an idea to the new business of how to make the best use of all the features, which are embedded in this eCommerce platform.

The Final Words

E-commerce portals are the place where one visits to get the things, which are needed by them. They are not only accessed on computers but also on mobile, in the form of an app. An eCommerce app development company like the i-web services can come in handy for helping you to develop an eCommerce store for yourself. Don’t just wait around and beat the bush, be proactive and hire our services.

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