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Apple updates its iOS version every year and developers starts to design and update their apps accordingly. As an end user, you must be using a bunch of iOS apps on your iPhones and iPads. So the question that might get stuck in your mind: Which iOS app development trends you should follow in 2019?

Apple has played an important role in innovating and presenting customers their cutting-edge gadgets. Every year the tech giants come up with the hardware configuration that keeps on becoming sophisticated. In its most recent update, Apple introduced new devices comprising of revolutionary graphics, processing, and AI capabilities.

The release of iOS 12 revealed some interesting features, making the iOS competitive platform in the industry. You can make your iOS device more amazing by discovering the leading iOS app development trends. Read along to know about the latest trends that will refine the technological domain in the upcoming days.

Following are iOS App Development Trends for 2019:

The AI-Based Siri

The AI-Based Siri

Since the release of Apple’s AI assistant Siri, they have gained widespread traction around the world. The AI-based personal assistant is becoming smarter day by day.

After releasing the SiriKit for iOS developers, Apple has enabled the iOS and watch iOS to work with Siri through the voice commands. There are several benefits of including SiriKit in an app, counting on the lock screen and hands-free.

Siri shortcuts can suggest you shortcuts deliberately to perform specific actions. You can also discover what actions in an app will be suitable for the users and what would they like to perform in the future.

The apps can notify Siri about the actions by mentioning them as essential shortcuts. You can implement those shortcuts through voice commands.

Machine Learning Will Emerge

Machine Learning Will Emerge

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be the next big thing. Apple takes the lead when it comes to implementing machine learning through their hardware.

The company has recently introduced the core processor 7-nanometer A12 Bionic, featuring “Neural Engine” for performing tasks which are related to the machine learning including the FaceID along with the customizable Animoji known as the “Memoji.”

The leading AI brain will allow the device to perform multiple tasks at a time such as taking great photos, identifying heartbeat, and much more.

The A12 will be able to perform 5 trillion operations in a second which is a significant increase when compared with the A11. Apple has introduced the framework, Core Machine Learning 2 (CoreML2), allowing the development of high-performing and responsive apps.

CoreML2 can be utilized for analysis of natural language text and reducing the language-based metadata. It can cover the tasks such as identification of script and language, parts of speech tag, and deployment of custom natural languages.

Embracing the AR/VR

In the Apple latest updates, the company has revealed improvement among the ARKit 2 that is the next gen Augmented Reality App development platform for iOS 12. It includes enhanced face tracking, measurement of objects through hovering over your iPad or iPhone over it.

Apple’s AR has now become more engaging than ever with AR multiple user experience which has finally become reality. ARKit 2 has enabled users to make a piece of AR art that can be seen later at the same place by a different person.

It will allow the iOS developers to create multiplayer games and simulations which were not possible before. If you are thinking about the best AR apps to test, then Houzz, Giphy World, and Dance Reality are the best ARKit-enabled apps.

ARKit 2 and SceneKit will revolutionize the way simulated environment apps are developed. They will fall among the top iOS development trends in the upcoming days.

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The Security Perspective

While talking about iOS app development trends, we should consider the fact that these days cybercriminals are increasing rapidly. Apple has created an enterprise-level, security-focused culture that allows users to maintain a safe and secure working environment.

It is essential for companies to increase their security, preventing exploits and cyber attacks. It is not just another app development trend, but a commitment to strengthen and improve privacy through constant updates.

Users can use Authentication Services for integration of password management apps with Password AutoFill option. The ASWebAuthenticationSession helps in sharing cookies and data of a website between the app and browser for a one-time sign-on experience.

The World of IoT

The World of IoT

According to Statista, there will be about 75 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. It is one of the main reason that IoT has marked its position among the list of iOS development trends.

Apple has already introduced the IoT ecosystem known as HomeKit which is secure and offers various opportunities to developers for creating a connection with various IoT devices.


We have mentioned the best app development trends to follow in 2019. If you know more leading iOS app development trends, then feel free to mention in the comments below

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