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Hey Folks! The festive season is not so far away. Very soon, you will see people in a ghostly get-up or wearing a freaky pumpkin mask. This is the right time for the eCommerce merchants to start planning their marketing ideas. If you check for a report by the National Retail Federation, you will get to know that Halloween sales hit an estimated $9 billion mark in the U.S last year. So, what surprises are there for this year? How are retailers going to celebrate the upcoming holiday?

Halloween is considered as one of the most popular and exciting holidays in which people buy a pumpkin or ghost-looking masks and other costumes to look different in the crowd. So, if you are in eCommerce development, this is the peak time when people are excited about shopping, and this makes an excellent opportunity for you to boost your sales. Now, you need to know about the ideas that can help you to increase sales and strengthen your brand’s reputation, and that is discussed below.

Make a Mobile Optimized Landing Page 

According to a study, it has been seen that an adult in the US spends around 2.8 hours daily browsing the Internet with mobile devices. Create a user-friendly mobile version of your website to compete with those retailers who don’t have such eCommerce development solutions for their business. As there is less time for Halloween so, you need to start making a mobile-optimized landing page by using various tools and then renovate the whole site.


Add Halloween Design to Website

As everyone is busy in decorating their premises with topical-specific items, in this situation, you need to focus on designing special Halloween banners to your website. The special holiday effects can be given either by decorating with navigation buttons or images, promoting discounts, or links to the landing page. You can also add a pop-up to your site to give extra consideration to your membership facility.

 Create a Halloween Video

When you create a video that is full of creativity, you draw more attention to your users as everyone prefers entertaining video. Try to make a video that gives an idea of stuff that you are using for Halloween, like showing the history of a Halloween costume using your Smartphone.

Consider the ideas mentioned above and choose a company that can provide you with eCommerce development solutions to increase sales and attract more customers to your business.


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