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Making business online is the strategy of the era. While everyone is just one click away from a shop, providing an online shopping cart is the swiftest way of conversion. Also, whenever there’s a talk about online shopping software, Shopify is the first name that strikes everyone’s head for obvious reasons.

Shopify covers around 11% of the market, beating the competitors like OpenCart, Bigcommerce, and Magento. Since setting up a business on Shopify is a piece of cake. 1.75 million e-commerce stores are currently available on the platform, and many companies are expanding their services using this technology.

Shopify lets every business sell its products seamlessly by providing a cloud-based shopping cart solution. Creating an online store to sell the services becomes smooth with this platform. However, if you find it difficult, you can use a Shopify development company to build an online store.

Helping you out with how Shopify can enhance your sales online and what are the benefits of using it, here is a comprehensive guide that you shouldn’t miss reading.

Why is Shopify in trend?

 Shopify helps you kickstart your business online, allowing you to manage and grow it quickly. Empowering your services easily accessible online, you can use Shopify to build the right features to shape the future of your business. You can sell your product using your website or in person with Shopify POS. Whether you’re a beginner or an e-commerce expert, this e-commerce website builder has features for everyone. Thus building an online store is nothing but integrating your services with Shopify.

Since you’re fully aware of the potential of Shopify, you need to learn what various features it has that benefit your business in different ways. Read along to get all information.

Easy to operate: Anyone can work with Shopify without being confused. Building an online store has become uncomplicated with its simple options to customize and add features. This is why most businesses are turning to Shopify to win the buyers.

Stylish themes: You can choose any website theme that meets your requirements from a wide range of user-friendly themes compatible with all devices. In addition, Shopify premium themes are also available to make your website more engaging and sale-driven.

Low startup cost: People love incorporating Shopify into their businesses because of its low and affordable monthly plans. Starting with as low as a $29 basic plan, you can purchase a suitable upgraded plan to use its service. Isn’t it reasonable?

Perfect for dropshipping: With easy access to integrate Oberlo and Spocket, Shopify makes drop shipping effortless; it offers you extensive features to make the process seamless if your business involves drop shipping. Also, it lowers the risks of SMBs while trying to launch new products without investing loads of money.

Multiple support options: Though using Shopify is not rocket science, tech support is accessible with around-the-clock availability of support team experts. Opting for any suitable method; chat, phone, or email, you can connect with Shopify support.

How would you attract customers and influence sales using Shopify?

Optimize your online store 

You must optimize your Shopify website and present the details clearly and appealing enough to enhance your online sales. Focus on the website’s usability considering loading time, web scrolling speed, and easy-to-understand content.

However, these aspects are the development process; getting help from a Shopify development company won’t be a loss. The experts ponder on such things and make them more aesthetic and user-friendly.

Run social media campaigns for redirections

Most of the conversions occur from social media ad campaigns. Almost everyone is online through social networking platforms. People tend to buy things with the right visual representations and discounts. Thus, pushing sales from social media to your Shopify website is essential as it hits the target audience correctly.

Provide a high-impact online chat option

An online chat option makes users feel connected. Guiding customers on their visit to your online store lets them experience hassle-free shopping. Also, inform them about the running offers via chat. This way, you not only increase Shopify sales but also make them feel valued.

Upsell your e-commerce products

All time-proven strategy to influence your sales is upselling your products. However, while upselling your eCommerce product, you need to be more cautious. Sometimes, it may backfire. Targeting an audience for upselling requires thorough market research so that you can make a customer feel like adding additional purchases would benefit them. Otherwise, the customer might feel the pressure of being duped.

Designing a website to recommend the related items when a customer adds a product to the cart can help your website perform better. Offer your customers an option to buy additional products that can fit their requirements.

Use emails to encourage potential customers

Sometimes, customers might be confused about buying something and leave it in the cart and close the website. The only way to complete that purchase is to remind the customer by sending a follow-up email. You can entice the user to return and complete the purchase through this method. You can resolve their confusion about buying your product with your encouraging words and win a sale for your online store. Thus a reminder from you can convert a deal.

Final words

As you embark on your Shopify journey, you must keep the final objective in mind: “Customer satisfaction.” Try to deliver an easy online shopping experience to your customers through simple yet appealing web design. Encourage them to buy your products and build a brand that people trust enough that they can buy it online.

However, Shopify makes the process utterly smooth. You can create a robust website using advanced tools or partnering with a Shopify development company. Moreover, by hook or crook, build an appealing platform to sell your product online without much of a stretch. It will enhance your sales and ultimately generate revenue.

Arpana K
Arpana K

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