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Are you a startup owner in need of design help, but confused between various available resources? You’re not alone. Almost all startups face the same problem in their initial years. Based on their budgets and scope of work, they either go for a big, medium or small design agency. But due to time constraints or work pressure, many of these startups end up dissatisfied with their decision. The sad part is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this problem. However, there is indeed a process that you can follow to choose the right design agency for your startup.

Choose the right design agency for your startup.

To begin with, stay clear on the following points:
– What are your goals and expectations?
– What’s your project outline?
– What’s your project’s proposed deadline?
– What’s your total budget?

Thereafter begin the process:

a. Search for options – Start with Google search and look for various agency options available. Thereafter, using different review sites, look into what people say about each of those design agencies. Additionally, ask your inner circle and acquaintances for suggestions.

b. Check expertise & experience – Once you have a few agencies on your list, check their individual websites for their clientele, portfolio, and testimonials. See if they have worked for a similar client in the past? Also, check whether they update their website regularly or not?

c. Follow on social media – A great way to experience the working style of an agency is by following them on social media channels. Check how often they post, what they post and what sort of engagement do they get out of each post.

d. Shortlist – Based on the above-mentioned criteria and on the basis of size, expertise and industry experience, shortlist the agencies that you would like to work with.

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e. Ask for credentials – Reach the shortlisted agencies through email and ask for their credentials. Give extra points to the agencies that respond quickly (via phone) and inquire about the nature of the project straight away.

f. Discuss your project – You may now discuss the project with the agencies that were quick to respond and showed genuine interest in your project. Ask each of them to provide quotations along with a list of services they’ll cover during the length of the project.

g. Compare responses & make a decision – Based on the responses you receive from the agencies, make your final decision and go with the agency which provides you the most value.

The selection process is indeed long and time-consuming, but once executed correctly, you’ll not be dissatisfied with the results. For information on how we can help you as your design resource, please feel free to connect with us through email or phone. We love helping startups with their issues and provide our consultancy services free of charge.

Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott


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