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The first environment where Javascript could be used was node.js, making it a leap in the field of web development. There was complete development in JavaScript, for both front end and back end development. Node.js has many advantages, like that of an easy learning curve and super impressive scalability options. It was developed in a singular language, meaning that we could expect better compatibility, greater performance, and of course sharing of components.

In the year of 2018, JavaScript ranked the first in programming language globally, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that Node.js isn’t getting its share of accolades. This has become an important portal for users like Uber and Netflix to utilize Node.js as their development platform. To make this development of websites more streamlined, there have been different frameworks of Node.js that have been developed.

Innovation didn’t stop at just one framework, several frameworks were created. All of these were designed with the hope that web development would be made easier. Frameworks are extremely important structures that help the developers build their applications with utmost efficiency. There is an option to automate all repetitive processes with the aid of libraries, templates, and other reusable components. Here is the list of the best:


This is a fast and lightweight framework that has been used to create applications of different sizes and complexities – with an extension that can provide other important features that are of great value. Express.js supports a lot of HTTP utility methods, making it a special environment for REST APIs. It also facilitates a painless transition for legacy websites to use Node.js as the middle man, and then convert them into fast operating websites without altering the source codes. This is also a great choice for building enterprise sized applications, for media streaming applications.



This one uses a server-side framework, for the purpose of building web applications, which utilizes generators, for sidelining callbacks and to handle the errors with more efficiency. This one is new and is in a state of rapid development. It is lightweight, and it has a modular approach. This is a little difficult to learn, especially because it has its own methods. Its modular structure is flexible, that allows a skilled developer to make changes to the site. Koa2, another version, has been out already, and this one is getting further appreciation by the Java developers.


This was the first framework that was created for the development of the Walmart chain. This was created keeping in mind the idea that a large team is needed to be supporting multiple tasks. This is a very versatile developer for those who have a large team working on multiple tasks. This is now used by the UK government for developing their sites. There is a huge support of plugin for various component segments.


This is a real-time MVC framework that is completely dependent on Express and Socket. The Model View Controller pattern is usually applied to build applications that are of varying sizes. One can even develop data-driven APIs, multiplayer games, dashboards and more with the help of this framework.

One gets an all-around application ready – within the shortest span of time. There is an excellent compatibility factor, and one can enable Angular Backbone, iOS/ObjC, Windows and more.



This is absolutely secure, and scalable in nature, built for projects that are humungous. This has been built by the Paypal group, and it was built with the intention of organizing. One has a perfect choice and chance to enable a transparent and efficient structure that will have separate models and templates. It has been pointed out that there is multiple language support, an absolutely clear structure with great functionality, a code generation option, which would reduce the human error, and a critical security feature.


This is a full stack JavaScript platform, created with the intention of developing web and mobile solutions. One can aspire to get through a lot of hurdles and design one of the best interfaces with this one. Development becomes extremely easy with this framework – less amount of Javascript is needed making the applications lightweight, and helping to improve performance.

The same code is always used for multiple devices, reducing the chances of having multiple codes.


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This has been specifically developed for making desktop applications. This one uses Chromium and Node.js to get through the developing. It takes just a few days to do the task at bay. It has compatibility with maximum platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows, which makes it absolutely cost effective. Chromium helps to integrate all important functions of Chrome, giving it developer tools and storage access.

There is also the presence of a large community, which helps to develop the process. This also ensures that people can connect and clear their queries over the community.


This is a full stack framework that is based on the MVC pattern again and is hugely used for modern web applications. It has great versatility and helps people generate great looking web applications. You can also add third-party modules to make designs better and sustainable. It also has an online support community that

How to choose the best framework according to your needs?

If you have opted for Node.js for your web or mobile application, then you have a huge choice for extensions that you could use. The choice of the extensions would depend strongly on the volume of data that you have to handle, the performance, the involved scalability, the quality and the requirement of features.

Thus as a conclusive statement, Node.js framework depends solely on the objective of your website. If you are looking for a highly functional website, you have to plan it accordingly. Remember that the costs are involved there too – overall, there are a few points that need to be taken care of.

Community, documentation, simplicity of development and testing, scalability, versions of upgrading, customization, and performance determine what kind of framework one needs to opt for.

These frameworks are great ways to enhance the future of web development and to help with technology development.


Mahabir is the founder and CEO of iWebServices. He specializes in guiding startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies through their digital transformation journeys. Under his leadership, the company has developed over 1300 digital products, including mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and advanced AI and blockchain solutions. Mahabir's passion for technology, adaptability to emerging tech trends, and visionary leadership qualities have positioned him as an influential figure in the pursuit of digital product investment.


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