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Everybody loves to shop – it is an activity that is enjoyed by friends and family. It is an obvious trait especially in women, to love the idea of shopping. And of course, when the point boils down to grocery shopping, anyone would love that their pantry is stocked with the best and that all items purchased be fresh.

But of course, with the coming in of technology and digital transformation, there has been a huge demand in the sector of apps. Apps control everything – from shopping to food delivery, and it has also extended to the perishable goods domain, which includes the grocery items. With this, of course, the grocery selling apps have taken up the central stage, and have covered up for the physical shopping experience.

The idea of not visiting a physical store and the idea that one has to simply click and pay has made shopping even easier and enjoyable. In fact, even statistics say that grocery store apps are doing brilliantly in this competitive market – they are expected to grab 20% of the market according to CNBC.

This is absolutely the right time to change the business policies and attract more customers in this domain. There are existing competitors in the market presently, with known names like Walmart, Instacart, Amazon Fresh and more. To take over this competition, it is wise to go ahead with the best technology to create a grocery app.

E-Commerce Grocery Apps

The commonest apps like Amazon and Flipkart provide a wide range of grocery and allow the customers to choose a suitable delivery time. This concept is customer friendly and can be adapted easily. There are also some grocery apps that are independently dedicated to grocery only – which includes BigBasket, Grofers, etc. These apps also enhance the shopping experience by providing a grocery IQ and home delivery options.

Some brands have also taken up the idea of a brick and mortar store, along with the functionalities of an app – they attract customers to the brick and mortar store by sending push notifications. It is obvious that the grocery apps provide to be a boon for both the customers and the businessmen. Below is the list of salient features that every grocery app must have:

Grocery app

Availability is of 24 X 7

These grocery apps are accessible at all times, throughout the year – making them a stable option to shop. Customers can shop from across the world, and be absolutely stress-free about it. It also saves up on a lot of time, because one doesn’t have to visit the stores personally, he can simply prepare the list and leave it at that.

Online Order Tracking System

This is a great way to be relaxed about everything – you can just order, track the order and stay relaxed about it. You can even record the time when the order will be delivered to you.

Online Order Tracking System

Customer Reviews

These apps allow the customers to even check the ratings of the products so that you can verify if what you are purchasing is healthy or not. This helps the app to get better at services too and helps you to understand the quality of products.

Attractive Discounts and Interesting Offers

The grocery apps often provide a lot of interesting offers and discounts to keep themselves on the competitive edge. This helps the users to get a lot of beneficial discounts that would be beneficial to save extra money.

Easy Pay Options

Customers have a wide variety of choices so that they can either choose to pay cash on delivery, or they can go ahead with payment by card. People can choose according to their flexibility that makes these apps a great way to shop.

Wide Range of Products Available

There are no limitations when we buy products from these apps. One can actually have the luxury of buying anything they prefer, according to the budget that they have fixed.

Managing Inventory Stock

These apps help the business owners to maintain their inventory stocks and also manage it according to the demands of the consumers in the market.

Some Essential Features of the Grocery App

Some Essential Features of the Grocery App

From the user prospective panel, there are some indispensable features, which are registration and user profile – this is where the user builds his account and puts in his email and phone number. He also adds the vital information that he needs – the residential address and gender, maybe choice preferences and more.

The search option is an extremely important feature of any grocery app – this would help the users browse through what they want. This helps to look for a particular product without much fuss. After this, the next feature that is important is that of having a cart feature. A virtual cart should be able to add items up – and the order prices get processed here. This is where the items get managed, and the products move to the final page wherein there is the payment gateway.

The payment gateway is yet another indispensable feature wherein one makes the payment. People often integrate online wallets, bank transactions and cash on delivery options for the same. After this, comes the option of scheduling the delivery according to the need of the end user. Following this, come the parts wherein the user experience is improved – the review rating section, the push notifications to increase customers and customer panel support.

The admin panel would consist of features like the dashboard, that would give the admin control over all the orders that have been placed, the inventory management, which would have details on stock, pay and more. Assigning orders and measuring real-time analytics are some of the features that need to be kept in mind. Besides, there should be geo location features, in-app chatting or calling services, accepting and rejecting order features and more. Most importantly, the app must have a very strong app backbone design and support – one could prefer Cassandra or PostgreSQL for building the server cloud database.

Cost Of Building the App

The building of the app would encompass all the features mentioned above. These would also include the platform, the features, the app development team, pricing model and other factors. On average, the app could take $14k to $18k on an average. This would depend on which company is hired for app development.

Grocery apps are the future of shopping, so one shouldn’t hesitate while making the call to the best developers – this would ensure that the app is of the best quality and generates the best results and revenue.

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