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What is Python?

Python is the lucrative and most popular programming language in the present world which is used to develop various complex scientific and numerical applications. It is a high-level object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics.

Python is very helpful for beginners to learn and they find it fun and interesting to learn it. Its syntax is easy to learn and emphasizes readability and also lessens the cost of maintenance. This programming language supports various packages and modules and hence the developers fall in love with Python because of its enhanced productivity. Programmers can use Python to create websites, web apps, and desktop GUI applications. 

Why use Python?

The answer to this question by both the newbie and experienced programmers is that it is easy to read and has maintainable code. It uses simple English for a lot of its commands and many aspiring developers can easily learn the codes remarkably simple codes. Programmers can opt for Python as a great option for creating test features or apps.

This programming language creates highly scalable web pages and being an all-purpose programming language it can be used to develop a multitude of projects. It also allows the developers to create and deploy their applications to almost every hardware and software ecosystem. Python is often decided as the Jack of all trades; it can visualize data in a simple and stable way. Moreover, developers can easily display data on various platforms without worrying about code-break.     

Advantages of Python Language

Python programming language has many benefits, some of which are mentioned below-

  • Easy to Learn- Python is remarkably easy to learn and use for both beginners and the experienced. It has simplified syntax and is highly accessible and it gives more emphasis on natural language. Python codes can be easily written and executed much faster than other programming languages. The developers can also quickly experiment by changing the code base of Python because it is a highly interpreted language which makes it more popular among all kinds of programmers. 
  • Large and supportive Python Community- It has a large community of beginner to expert level developers ranging from beginner to experts levels. All the programmers can exchange their ideas and notions in this large Python community and help each other with their queries. The python programmer community is one of the most remarkably active programming language communities. 
  • Hundreds of frameworks and libraries- Python has many frameworks and libraries due to its large supportive community. So, the developers can choose any one from them and execute those codes and save their time and effort. In Python, there are many cloud media tools that offer cross-media platforms and the results are extremely beneficial. Some of the famous frameworks and libraries of Python are given below- 

1. matplotlib for plotting charts and graphs 

2. SciPy for Science, Mathematics, and engineering applications

3. NumPy for solving numerical problems

4. Django for server-side web development

  • Versatile, efficient, reliable, and faster- Python programming language can be used in any kind of platform and environment, and hence all the python developers emphatically agree that Python language is reliable, efficient, and comparatively faster than other programming languages.  It is versatile and can be used to develop mobile apps, desktop apps, and web development. 
  • First-choice language- Python is always the first choice programming language for most developers and hence it is highly demanded in the web development market. Undoubtedly, Python is the hottest cake in the market now. Many developers, as well as students, use Python for their various development projects, and in this way, it opens the door for many aspiring developers to enhance their careers in this field.  
  • Flexible- Python is so flexible that it gives a chance to the programmers to try new and different codes. A Python expert has no limitations to only one thing but they can try a variety of things to create scalable applications. It does not restrict its users from creating any sort of application. 

How to Hire a Python Developer

Python is an all-purpose programming language that can be used in various ways most importantly in Data Science and Machine Learning. Data Science and Analytic dependent organizations mostly hire Python developers to squabble with plenty of data in order to make their system smart and intuitive. So, before hiring a Python developer for your organization you must look into their skills and expertise. Some of their skills are as follows-

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI

  • Strong proficiency in core Python
  • Should have knowledge in Computer Science (CS) fundamentals
  • In-depth knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, probability, and differential calculus
  • Know how to use Python’s scientific and mathematical packages and modules
  • Know the way to design REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs for software delivery

Web Development

  • Strong knowledge of object-oriented principles 
  • Know the way to work with Python frameworks that as Flask and Django
  • Know how to use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript(JS) for front-end related works. 

How much do Python Developers cost in India?

Python is leading in the race every passing year and its popularity is also expanding. Salary is one of the most influential factors in every field when choosing a job. There are several factors and aspects for instance the more experienced the developers are the more salary they take. If you want to hire Python developer in India you have to consider the experience, skills, and job location. The cost of a Python developer in India range between $61 to $80 per hour on average.

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