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What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source framework that is built using PHP and based on Symfony. This framework was developed by Taylor Otwell and it has pre-packaged tools and resources. Laravel facilitates some common tasks such as caching, authentication, routing, sessions, etc. Hence, these tasks empower developers to focus more on developing business-related facilities.

In the present era, there is rising popularity of Laravel developers. According to various researches, it has been found that the Laravel framework lies in the top position when it comes to the list of the best PHP frameworks in the market.

What makes Laravel the most popular network?

Laravel framework has various significant features which make it stand out from other networks. It has some robust features which make it popular. Some of its characteristics are mentioned below-

  • Open-Source and large community support- Laravel is the only PHP framework that is an open-source platform and is free of cost, unlike the other PHP frameworks. Moreover, it has a large community of developers who are very much friendly and always ready to help extensively.
  • MVC Architecture- Laravel is based on MVC or Model View Controller that ensures the clarity between business logic and presentation layers. MVC provides enhanced security and improves the overall performance.
  • Blade Template Engine- Due to the blade template Engine feature of Laravel, developers are not restricted from using the plain PHP code for web applications.  Hence, the developers can create anything and make changes as per the requirement of the project, adding flexibility in the web development process.
  • Object-Oriented Libraries- Web developers can make their entire development process in a seamless way because the Laravel Framework consists of in-built object-oriented libraries.
  • Eloquent ORM- Eloquent ORM allows the developers to write their database queries with PHP syntax and eliminate the requirement of knowing about SQL for making changes in the database. This feature also enables developers with a straightforward ActiveRecord implementation that helps to make a hassle-free communication of databases.

Common Recruiting approaches to hire Laravel Developers

Before hiring Laravel Developers, it is very essential to make things planned before you take any common approach to hire the developers for your company. As a recruiter, you must choose an appropriate recruitment method to hire a dedicated Laravel developer. Some of the common approaches or recruiting models for hiring Laravel developers are mentioned below-

  • Contract-based developers- You can hire contract-based or part-time Laravel developers for small projects to meet some specific needs of your organization. You can hire them when your usual or permanent employees are busy with their daily assigned tasks. Hence, if you need Laravel developers for only a certain period of time, then you can easily recruit contract-based developers for small projects.
  • Off-Shore developers- OffShore developers are overseas developers, they are highly experienced developers who are hired for handling complicated projects. So, if you want to hire Laravel developers from offshore then always choose the reliable ones. You should always keep into consideration to use Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signing process during hiring so that it provides security to your website as well as your company policies.
  • Permanent Developers- Permanent are the in-house developers in your organization. So, if you need to increase the workforce of Laravel Developers at your organization, then hiring them on a permanent basis is the best option.

The average cost to hire a Laravel Developer

The average rate of a Laravel developer varies from country to country and it also differs in various organizations across the world. So, if you want to hire a dedicated Laravel Developer then it will start from $20-$50 per hour.

Elements that Influence the cost to hire a Laravel Developer 

Below-mentioned are 3 elements that affect the cost of hiring a Laravel Developer-

  • Scope of the Project- The cost of the Laravel developer usually depends upon the nature of the project, for instance, if the project is simple then the cost of the developer is low, whereas if the project is complex in terms of its functionality, design, and features then you need an experienced Laravel developer for your organization. Then you need to pay an extra amount to these pro developers.
  • Location basis- >As discussed above that the cost of every Laravel developer differs from region to region. The developers charge different amounts as per the rates used in their country or experience. Moreover, the rates of Laravel developers in developed countries are comparatively higher than the developing nation.
  • Expertise and experience of the Laravel Developer- If you are hiring a beginner-level developer then you have to pay less. On the other hand, if you have a complicated and advanced level project then you have to hire a pro or skilled Laravel developer and be ready to increase your budget in that case. Because the advanced level developers have in-depth knowledge about numerous frameworks and technologies that are used for Laravel web development.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are various factors that affect the cost of hiring Laravel Developers, but the most important factor that affects the most is the different location and their experience. Laravel is a featured-packed framework that clarifies the process of personalizing various complex web projects as per the user requirement. There is a large community of Laravel developers, hence you can choose the best out of them for your organization.

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