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The latest app that has taken the internet by the storm is none other than TaskRabbit. Promising to be a solution to many of our modern woes and need for handymen, Taskrabbit has opened new avenues of employment. If we proceed to the costing part the cost of an App like TaskRabbit can be around $15,000 to $30,000 and it’s completely depending on OS platform. Still, a complete estimation will provide you an exact idea about the cost of it as it entirely depends on the designs & features that you want to be incorporated into the app. It is not the easiest, but the basics of the app is very simple and streamlined.

Task rabbit is another successful marketplace that connects customers who are able to outsource small jobs and chores with a network of pre-approved and validated skilled individuals who can do the listed task in a given time frame. Anything you need in your home as work, you can easily get it if there are capable people around who can handle your problems. They call it the service fee. Task Rabbit aims to help people take back their lives, be their own boss, help people out, and make some money.

Recognized as the benefit to people with more money than time, it enables people to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their community. Their purpose to help people take back their lives, be their own manager, help people out, and make some money.

TaskRabbit User Segments

TaskRabbit User Segments

1) TaskPosters:

TaskPosters are the people who want to outsource the tasks can post their job on the app and TaskRabbit will connect them to qualified and professional taskers who are available to help. This platform also allows them to pay for an app once the job is completed.

2) TaskDoers:

TaskDoers are the people who are unemployed or underemployed or those who want to make some extra money can sign up to be the TaskRabbit. To become a tasker, your background will be checked and an aspiring interviewed following the quiz. Taskers will be assigned a job automatically and they can either accept it or reject it.

The Process of Becoming Taskers

People who want to be a tasker needs to apply online. For that, they need to sign up with their Facebook or LinkedIn to complete their application. Once their application received, the background is thoroughly checked which is followed by an in-person interview. Once a user successfully clears the in-person interview, they specify their skills and interest and accepted into the database of TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit App Features

  • It will save time
  • Easy to get help
  • Get tasker with a good background
  • Insurance
  • Cash free payment
  • Advanced Search Option
  • Social Sharing
  • Find Local jobs in and around the neighborhood
  • No schedule job, work at your own comfortable time
  • Get Instant wages
  • Email Messaging System
  • Multi-Currency
  • Social Sign in
  • Private Messaging System
  • Multi-Language

Certain situations yo be aware of while developing such an app

TaskPosters would post a job; they would quote a price which was usually lesser than the minimum wage. In a war to win a bid Taskers would accept all kinds of jobs irrespective of difficulty level. Thankfully, in the new business model Taskers could specify their hourly rate and skills and would be auto assigned without having to go through the bidding process.

Initially TaskPosters would often lie about the amount of work they need done. Often the amount of work portrayed on the platform would contradict the one on the site. The Taskers would thus feel underpaid. In the new business model the TaskPosters had to pay a charge based on the hourly rate.

While every task is insured up to $1,000,000 in case something goes wrong, there’s no provision for insurance or even safety for the Taskers in the event of mishap. This is something that hasn’t been taken care of yet.

The bidding that took too long earlier is now catered by automatic suggestion that would offer 3 options to choose from. A Tasker would have about 30 minutes to respond to the ‘invitation’.

While there’s a review and rating system to rate a Tasker and his service, there is no such criterion where a Tasker could review and rate the TaskPosters which has been a rising concern as some of the TaskPosters have been found to mistreat the Taskers.


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