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In this technical era, most business organizations are embracing digital commerce. Due to the upsurge of  B2B eCommerce, they can allow more access to B2B buyers across the world. Nowadays the B2B buyers also want to get the same experience they encounter as customers.

B2B buyers also want a simple, transparent, and straightforward purchase process.  With every passing year, every companies website is enhancing its style and making it better in terms of productivity and generating revenue. With the increasing technology, every B2B eCommerce business is

maximizing their revenue through websites, apps, and other avenues as well. Some of the B2B manufacturers are still learning to walk and there are some others who are winning the race by taking their operations directly to their business customers with the help of a strong web development team.

Cost to develop a B2B eCommerce app

There are different factors that influence the development cost of a B2B commerce but majorly it depends upon the type of application the B2B companies want to create for their buyers. According to various reports and statistics, web developers charge a sound $30 per hour. And a basic app will cost around $30,000, a medium complex app will cost around $50,000 and the most complex apps almost goes beyond $75,000.

Factors affecting the cost to develop a B2B eCommerce app

There are multiple factors that affect the overall cost of developing the B2B eCommerce app. Below-mentioned are some of the major factors that crucially affect the b2b eCommerce app development cost-

  • Type of app development platform- If you want to build your app in a native or hybrid platform, the cost depends upon that also. The approx cost to develop a native app for a single platform is approximately $25000+. So, considering the popularity of both the Google play store and Apple play store, you can hire a web developer from an eCommerce development company who has in-depth knowledge in both cross and hybrid platforms.
  • Outsource or in-house-  The main factor that drives the cost of your app development is whether you directly hire the web developer or you outsource them. The cost completely depends upon the formation of your team structure. For instance, if you have your own in-house team then it will cost you more than outsourcing them for eCommerce app development.
  • Location of the development team- If you want to hire a web developer for creating a B2B eCommerce app for your company, then the cost might vary according to various regions. The hourly cost of developers in Asia ranges from $18 to $20 per hour, whereas in the European regions the rates are comparatively higher such as $100 to $150 per hour.

Some benefits of B2B eCommerce

If you are already an expert in online sales or a newbie to B2B eCommerce, then probably you know about the excessive difference an online sales portal can make in the ROI of your business. So, below-mentioned are some of the benefits of B2B eCommerce for your company-

  • Open doors for more business opportunities- The online presence of your company can easily help to strengthen the image of your organization, it will open doors for potential clients and resellers can easily find you through search engines. You can get more effective results when you make your catalog pages public, however, if you want to make them private then you can use target marketing content in your online store to snatch the attention of your target audience.
  • Enhances your B2B eCommerce sales- If you want to get the best eCommerce app development services, then you have to attract more clients to boost your sales. This will only be possible if you choose the right B2B eCommerce platform and you have to make sure that your clients can see their related products along with their essential features.
  • Lessen your unnecessary costs- B2B eCommerce app will lessen the unnecessary cost while creating the app. There are various modern technologies that allow every aspect of your business online, including order entry, customer information, and client service.  By rationalizing these various processes, you can cut down the necessary costs of your company and you can make your business process well organized.
  • Reach new markets- You can get more clients with your B2B eCommerce website. It will provide a great buying experience for your clients and they will get more attracted to your app. You can offer exceptional services to your clients with your unique B2B web store and enhance the sale of your business.

Get customer feedback

You can get positive feedback from your customers only if you provide them exceptional services. So, if they leave a review for your site, then you can have an incredible effect on your business. Because if your customers share their enthusiasm towards your products and services, then it can produce a notable upliftment in your sale.

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