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E-Commerce is seen to be one of the most successful business, digitization has revamped the entire online marketplace. People are now more like to purchase goods online turning it one of the most important industry worldwide.

Considering few specs, as per Forester

● Around 53% of the total users initiate an online purchase thrice a month.
● Also, the US economy was high by a massive $373 billion in 2013.

Seeing such huge numbers compel the retailers to shift towards the online industry. Every day there are plentiful apps finding their way to the app store. However, simply deploying an app won’t help your business outshine in the global market. In the event of multiple apps being uploaded to play store each day, your app would merely be one among the crowd. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, it is desirable that your design your app right. By design, we do not specify just on the visual appearance but the features and functionality, you load your app with. Adding the right set of features not only fetch your potential customers but at the same time help you stay ahead and out from the crowd.

10 Most Important Features you should deploy in your online marketplace apps

Social Media Login

One of the most crucial features you would find in most of the apps these days are the login process. You no longer need to enter all your details, feed in the basic information before you finally land up to the main page. Social media login is an ideal way to cut down the unwanted process of signing up. Fetching details from accounts such as Google or Facebook helps user sign up in a matter of seconds. A simple option that allows users to either sign up using G+ or Facebook is not only time saving but also aids better user experience. So, while you are planning to design your app, do not forget to add this option.

Build Your Brand Logo

The presence of multiple businesses online, it is imperative that you segregate yourself from others. Infusing trust in your business is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Building a logo for your brand does half of the work. People visualize it as a trustworthy company. A logo has the capability to voice your business and its motive effectively. Also, logos are an effective way to stand out from the rest as it becomes the identity of your business. People link you with your logo and if designed rightly, a logo can add the value of trust to business. Showcase your business with an excellent logo of your company.

Effective Buyers Page

The success of your app largely depends on how users rate it. In order to ensure maximum user satisfaction and higher engagement, it is desirable that you have a simple and easy to use buyer page. The user need not traverse much to find a little piece of information. The Cart window must be effectively designed to show all the basic details. The price detail, delivery date, payment option, offers or discounts, and a comment field, everything should be properly placed to offer seamless buying experience. Also, the look of the page needs to be clear with bold fonts wherever required.

Effective Buyers Page

An Account Page For The Vendor

Not only the experience of the user holds importance but also that of a vendor. The page must be open to customization as the vendors update their list of products from time to time. The vendor page has to be extremely informational having options to edit the details of the company, payment options, color or fonts, see the rating and remove them, etc.

A Secured Payment Getaway

Though online pay eases the entire payment process, yet it has some glitches associated. Where at one end it offers quick and fast transaction, it might also add security concerns. Hence, while you are adding a getaway in your app, be sure that it’s safe and sound. Also, infuse multiple payment options in the app. Thousands of users use the app and each has a different spectrum of options. Hence, keeping varied choices help all to pay online. Netbanking, Pay Via Debit/Credit Cards, Online Wallet, In-app wallet or COD, chooses the feasible payment options to offer hassle-free payment experience to users.

 Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & Ratings

Today, most of the decision taken by users are data-driven. They prefer looking up the reviews of the customers who have had the product and based on it decide whether to initiate a purchase. Hence, while you are designing the app, do not forget to add a section that gives reviews and comments. Today, it is one of the most important section of an app and has the propensity to leverage sales.

Social Media Sharing

Another major element for marketplace apps is the option to share product information online and at different social media portal. Today, the digital industry is dominated by social media and the option to share on such portals is a must. Also, it works in your favor. The more people share, the more people know and talk about you influencing your total sales.

Social Media Sharing


Your app should be able to track user engagement and keep them notified about all the major happening.  Whether it’s the item waiting on a cart or the item shipment information,  deals or discounts or rising offers,  your app must notify them all.  It is important to keep users updated with the things happening around.  This is one of the best ways to keep your user engaged.

Ensure Safety

It is important to affirm your users on the security of their data fed into your apps and so SSL certificates are a must.  Additionally, a PCL compliance suggesting 12 requirements to a website that process payment details build trust in your company.

Online Assistance

The last yet a crucial feature to be added in your online marketplace app is chatting support.  User prefers knowing about the product pricing and delivery prior to purchase.  So adding the option of live chat support aids better customer engagement and trust.  Prompt messaging and required assistance is seen to infuse a better relationship and likewise boost sales.

So,  now that you know that aspect of marketplace apps,  be careful while you are designing one and keep a check on the important ones.

Arpana K
Arpana K

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