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Google has launched the latest software recently, called the Firebase, which is a software developing platform. This reduces the hassle of establishing infrastructure; it provides the much-needed analytics of user behavior, and it helps to develop apps rapidly.  Now that a huge population is into building apps that are useful, this kind of interface will prove to be very helpful. Firebase is not a new company, but was acquired by Google in the year 2014 – ever since then, the employees of Firebase have sat down and worked to make Firebase officially a Google Brand. This would give Amazon Web Services and other likely platforms a tough competition.

Firebase has a unique leverage point. It provides users with a software development kit and gives them the entire infrastructure that they need to quickly develop the entire software. Most of all the features are even free – meaning that software development now entails almost no cost. Google has made a promise that these features will remain free for the rest of life – which is a giant leap. This is a basic blow on Amazon because Amazon provides these features for free only for a year and then it is charged for.

Multiple Platform Support

Do not be mistaken, this isn’t only free, but also equally versatile. You may be wondering what this app developing is free and hence will be widely used, but does it have the necessary features that one would need? So yes, Google is empowering the world with an app developer that is not only free but also is a multiple platform supporter. The development framework supports web applications, iOS applications, and even Android applications as a bonus. So the developers have a broad chance to use as many tools they want to go ahead with multiple operating system controls.

This is a major move in the app developing sector because this would save so many companies huge amounts of money – they wouldn’t need to invest thousands of dollars into building apps. Neither would they have to hire a developing team; instead they can only work on this platform, to build some great apps. The company wouldn’t even need a web solution after this, because all of these can be integrated and created using the Firebase.

These expenses are such that can’t be borne by start-up companies. By launching this Google actually takes a step forward and makes things available for companies at the touch of a button.

Google Firebase

Special Features

Google even has gone a step further and has included an extra feature – you can now monitor the analytics of your app with the help of this firebase. If you want to know how many users have downloaded your app, and how many people have used it, and how many active users are there, which people would anyway get if they independently developed this app, Google now has this feature so you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. The Firebase Analytics is the heart of the program, Google claims.

If any developer is familiar with Google Analytics, then mastering Firebase isn’t difficult at all. Extremely easy to use, with a familiar user interface, this makes developing all the easier. The only big difference between Google Firebase and Google Analytics is that the metrics are being tracked. Page views, impressions, and session lengths won’t be seen – what will be seen would be the number of downloads and the behavior of the user. These feedbacks will help the designer make a better version of the same app the next time.

There are more than 500 metrics that help the audience to be segmented based on their devices, events, and other relevant properties. Google has truly gone another step ahead in this field and has become the master of it.

Cloud Messaging Facilities

Google has branded Firebase seriously because Google Cloud messaging is now renamed to Firebase Cloud Messaging. This would help the developers to send messages to their client apps. Again, this is a free feature!


The app would need to know the identity of the user who will be operating it. Firebase even has answers to that. There are a plethora of tools that would make it easy for the developer to authenticate and authorize users. It is also significant in facilities that would help Google, Facebook, Twitter and other identities of the users.


There is a Firebase Real-time Database that will be storing the data and information. It is cloud-based, and the format helps in quick retrieval.  There is even an option of millisecond sync, which would connect the data in a fraction of a second. Geographically distant regions can quickly communicate and share data within fractions.

Also, there is another facility, if one device goes offline, the ones online remain synced. Again when switched on, the data is automatically synced.

Google Firebase database


If there is a need to store photos, large binary files, videos or more, there is always an option to go ahead and transfer data through the cloud. The uploads and downloads that you will organize with being quick and efficient, if they are interrupted at any point, they may continue right after the interruption is lifted.


Hosting is a question that might puzzle you. But the answer is right here – Firebase Hosting makes it an easy process. It is fast, efficient, and has one-click rollbacks.

Remote Configuration

Firebase remote configuration enables you to change the design of the app without eve initiating an update. So you needn’t worry that your user isn’t changing the app by updating it – because you will be in control of that.

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There is also a cloud-based environment for you to test apps! This will give the developers a chance to evaluate their application. There would not be any need to write a test code even! There is an Android Studio, a Firebase console and a G command line too!

Crash reports

Developers will receive news when their app crashes. They will get detailed reports that will help them monitor all features. All of this comes again at free of charge.

There are also App Indexing options, where there will be SEO optimization facility, which is crucial for digital marketing. Google will launch the keyword related app so that it gets maximum attention. Firebase is truly the key to the future – in all aspects.

Dalina Scott
Dalina Scott

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