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THE SCARIEST, SILLIEST, the night of the year has finally arrived. Americans take their Halloween pretty seriously, even if most of us don’t know exactly why we carve pumpkins, hang fake ghosts, hand out candy and dress up like something dragged in by a graveyard cat.

As it turns out, we have been wearing Halloween costumes for nearly two millennia. But Do you know some of us to celebrate this HALLOWEEN every day with their SCARY, UGLY AND SPOOKY WEBSITES !! Yes, you read it right !! WEBSITE, MY Suggestion to all those people who fall under this category, Don’t spend your hard earned money this year in getting the Halloween costume when you have scariest of them all your website 😉

It takes lots of guts and courage to have a slow website with medieval time graphics in today’s digital age where every day we are treated new updates in technology.

I Salute these brave Website owners as they are not only losing their potential customers on a daily basis but also digging the grave for their business themselves.

How to Recognize Website which has Halloween Fever? In today’s digital age, Websites are important for every business as it gives the digital identity to the business is crucial for success. Just having a website isn’t enough days, What matters is what is on your website. An ugly website can be a great way to KILL your business in the foot when people are searching for your business online.

Ugly domain and Design

The biggest problem with ugly websites is an ugly name. Tell me do you find it easier to go back to a website with a simple domain like (an example), or do you prefer to type in

Visitor’s first impression of a website is 94% design-related, so if you think some of the people in that category want to see a neat and tidy design? The answer is of course they do!

The website doesn’t have contact info

Always Remember your website visitor’s purpose. If you have an online shop, part of your goal is to drive sales there. What do you do if you can’t find a phone number, address, etc on someone’s website? Simple; you look somewhere else, that is exactly what your visitors will also do to you.

65% of consumers want to see contact information on the site’s homepage or even on every page of the website.

The website doesn’t scale

Website - Halloween Costume

How do you look at a website? On a computer, or do you use your phone or tablet? I HATE interacting with website content on my phone and when I have to scroll all the way to the right to read the full line and then scroll all the way back for the next line? It’s is quite terrible!

Always make sure your website bends and twists to fit every screen—this is called responsive web design and it’s very important for the survival of the WEBSITE.

Automatic music or videos

I Just Hate this. Many people listen to music while they surf in their free time. If you have ever noticed a little speaker icon on the right side of your browser tabs, it means that the sound is coming from that page. People’s first instinct is to kill that tab because it’s forcing disruptive sound into their experience, and 33% of consumers said that auto-playing video/audio on a website irritated them and caused them to leave that website.

Long loading times

Customers hate waiting. We are living in the digital age of instant information. It can take customers 0.5 seconds to create an opinion about your website. This tiny amount of time shouldn’t be spent on a blank loading screen!

Website lacks a clear message

What is your website saying to your consumer about you? Usually, near the logo, people should be able to see what you are all about. This could be in the form of a company slogan or mission statement.

Over half of consumers wants to see this information on the home page. Tell them your story! What does your company do? How it got Stared?

This will distinguish your local business from a faceless corporation.

Complicated or overwhelming interface

aDoes people are being bombarded with information on your website? People tend to ignore huge amounts of website content due to websites crawling with ads.

Keep the content on your site simple and focus on important topics that they can engage with. 85% of consumers leave the site due to poor design and you can’t afford to leave your crucial information in text-garbage. Don’t lose consumers just because your ugly website makes it hard to find the crucial information on your jumbled page.


Your website content should be geared toward making the consumer want to interact and engage with it. Stop celebrating Halloween with your customers every day with your WEBSITE.  Connect with us for a NO-OBLIGATION consultation: [email protected]

Arpana K
Arpana K

Arpana is an integral member of the iWebServices team, bringing her expertise and dedication to our content marketing and insights efforts. With a talent for creating engaging and informative content, Arpana plays a vital role in ensuring our messaging resonates with our audience. Her keen understanding of market trends and her ability to translate data into actionable strategies make her a valuable asset to our team. Arpana's contributions to our blog are filled with insightful perspectives and practical advice, helping our readers navigate the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.


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