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It is very significant to build an attractive website with the right backend frameworks. Because crafting a perfect website is not a piece of cake. The developer has to take care of even the smallest detail in the website to make it appealing and user-friendly.

So, if you want to make such kind of attractive and detailed website, then hire a Laravel developer with the best skills and expertise in their field. In this blog, we will see the main difference between Laravel and Node.js, and find out which one is the best back-end to choose.

Overview of Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is versatile and easy to comprehend. It follows the design pattern of Model-view-Controller (MVC). Laravel is one of the best preferable frameworks that protects your website from several cyber attacks.

Laravel is very easy for developers because they can use their existing elements and components while building the website. Moreover, if they have expertise in Core PHP and Advanced PHP, then Laravel will be very easy for them, and it will enhance productivity by saving a lot of time.

Features of Laravel

  • It follows the MVC pattern of design and allows the separation between layers of presentation and business logic.
  • It provides ultimate protection to the website and other web applications because it allows hashed and salted password schemes so that passwords can never be saved as plain text.
  • Its main aim is to make the web development process easier for web designers and developers.
  • It provides various tools for MVC applications, HTML templates, routing, testing, database interactions, and many more.
  • It offers a database migration system, which means it broadens the database structure of the website without recreating the code every time.

Pros of Laravel

  • Popular framework option for the PHP developers.
  • Its ORM assistance helps in abstraction and automation.
  • It is easy to understand for the web developers, and hence it makes documentation concise.
  • As it is based on the MVC template, it eliminates the need to write simple HTML codes.
  • It uses a template engine called Blade, it offers excellent power to create complex applications with easy navigation.
  • It automatically creates Uniform Reverse Identifiers (URIs), which creates changes in routes into relevant links.

Cons of Laravel

  • The lightweight feature of this framework is considered a disadvantage because it leads to lower performance and increasing in data congestion.
  • It does not have in-built software and requires third-party integration to create customized websites.
  • Laravel is comparatively slow, so companies need to hire laravel developer who is professional and has an understanding of PHP.

Overview of Node.js

Node.js is an open-source server-side platform that is built on JavaScript runtime libraries. It can run on OS X, Linux, and windows with Node.js runtime. It has an amazing library of various JavaScript modules which simplify web apps. So, it is the best time to hire node.js developer to build an attractive and user-friendly website for your company.

Features of Node.js

  • It is a JS (JavaScript) runtime open-source framework.
  • It uses a non-blocking IO model that is both event-driven and well-organized.
  • Node.js is designed to create scalable network apps with open-source technologies.
  • Its connection handling mechanism is more efficient than the classic thread-based model.
  • There is no lock concept here, so Node.js users are exempted from the worries of deadlocking.

Pros of Node.js

  • It handles the consequent request from users very quickly and simply.
  • It performs effectively while building APIs.
  • It has an active community of novice and experienced web app developers.
  • It has a full-stack package that enables the smooth deployment of apps and
  • lessens the learning curve.
  • Node.js is easy to learn for the developers, and they can adapt to the framework.

Cons of Node.js

  • Difficult to maintain code due to asynchronous nature.
  • Some of its tools have loopholes and do not match the coding standards.
  • Node.js is not suitable for immense computing, and it becomes less efficient during heavy calculations.
  • It does not work well with CPU concerted devices because it is single-threaded.
  • Beginners may find it problematic while creating apps from scratch due to its unopinionated nature.

Laravel Vs Node.js – The real difference

Laravel Node JS
It is a PHP framework based on MVC design. It is a JavaScript runtime open-source framework.
It does not have an IO model because it is just a PHP framework. It has an event-driven and non-blocking IO model, which makes work easier.
It is mainly used in industries such as education, shopping, business, and other industries. It is booming in industries like automobile, arts, entertainment, computer, and electronics.
The front-end view library is its best integration feature. Node JS has no such integration feature.
It is best for Maria DB and MySQL applications. It is ideal for MongoDB/MongooseJS.
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