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The modern times have changed and we can choose from several frameworks for building websites. Each of these frameworks come with several features and functionalities that allow a business to reach the pinnacle. CakePHP, Laravel, and CodeIgniter are three of the commonest frameworks from which to choose. However, if businesses cannot make the right choice from these three options, here is how our analysis comes to help.

We can begin with the analysis of CakePHP and CodeIgniter as both of them several similarities.

  • Both these frameworks are based on the Model View Controller architecture and use4 various routing methods.
  • In terms of simplicity, we will favor CodeIgniter as in the latter coding happens within the libraries, and the developers can access various activities that occur during codeIgniter web development.
  • Although the coding work in CakePHP is easy and effortless, the developers need to go in-depth to access more information.

MVC or Model View Controller

We have already mentioned that CakePHP and CodeIgniter follows the same track.

  • Both CodeIgniter and CakePHP focuses on MVC architecture. However, in CodeIgniter we can go with website development without organizing the MVC model, which makes the code insecure and allow people to access the add query filtration.
  • In CakePHP, we cannot build a website without using the MVC model. However, we need to look forward to a CakePHP development website with the help of professional web building companies.


As far as the layout is concerned, CakePHP comes with a layout where the implementation of the header, footer, and the sidebar is an easy task. CodeIgniter, on the other hand uses a direct method for developing a layout with a caching mechanism, which makes the task easy.

Laravel Trend

When it comes to Laravel framework, we have found it at the top of its popularity right now, as its style favors extensive coding that the developers prefer. This platform also focuses on MVC structure and a command-line tool, which is called Artisan. No wonder laravel web development is one of the most preferred options for developers today. Here are a few key features of Laravel that users need to know.

  • Laravel comes with its own official documents, which is useful and extensive. We have found an astounding number of Laravel libraries.
  • Furthermore Laravel includes its ORM tool and migrations, which facilitates versioning and database changes. Besides, we have also located the Seeder tool for the introduction of test data and packages for varied databases.
  • The frontend developers find the Blade template engine useful when they have little or no knowledge of PHP.
  • With myriad features, such as database migrations, routing, query builder and eloquent, built-in paginations, and command-line tools. The template engine we just discussed is highly useful.
  • The Laravel web development projects are costlier than CakePHP and CodeIgniter, but it sticks to its root as far as the MVC architecture is concerned.

CakePHP vs. Laravel vs. CodeIgniter

Here are the things we have come to know while comparing CakePHP and Laravel.

  • When creating attractive and intuitive layouts, we should try to make the process hassle-free, but it is not possible a template engine, and this is where Laravel scores over the other options. When compared to CakePHP, Laravel comes with a fantastic and lightweight template engine, which allows the developers to enjoy the flexibility to add various features with ease. Therefore, developers can better decide whether they should focus on using Laravel or CakePHP framework.
  • When it comes to community support, we recommend CakePHP as the framework has been in use for a long time. However, in the case of Laravel, we could only find the availability of help through queries or public forums.
  • When developers look forward to a framework that is easy to grasp and comes with the least number of obstacles, we need to focus on CodeIgniter. However, for an enterprise-level development project, our choice is Laravel.
  • Although CodeIgniter has a bit of learning curve, Laravel offers a higher number of tools and features.
  • Laravel, On the other hand, can be challenging for beginners to grasp and developers need to devote a lot of time to understand its different aspects. On the other hand, CodeIgniter is easier to learn and understand as far as the features and functionalities are concerned.
  • When it comes to community support, both CodeIgniter and Laravel has a good following as they are open-source. However, the community of Laravel is more spirited and approachable than CodeIgniter, so choosing the former is a much better option.
  • Due to its release under the MIT license, the source code of Laravel is hosted under Github. Therefore, Laravel is more reliable when compared to the rest of the other options.

Final Word

We have discussed all the three PHP frameworks, namely, CakePHP, Laravel, and CodeIgniter here. The developers need to know the size and requirements of the project before deciding a suitable framework. Besides, we recommend the developers to look into the functionalities and features of each framework properly to use it in the web development project suitably.

We are a PHP web development service offering a wide range of services to customers. They can check our services and select the most suitable framework for their business.


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