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Converting the concept for your mobile app and turning that vision into a reality is just the beginning. Figuring out how to make money is a critical part of planning and development of the app, It’s never too late to monetize your mobile app even it has been live in app stores since a long time!!

Following are a few methods that you can use to make money from your app

Consumer Data

In some cases, if you have a segregated data about your customers you can sell that and generate revenue from it.

Paid Downloads

Consumer Data

Whenever a user downloads your app, they pay an upfront fee. Hence, the more you charge, the more you can earn. But you have to be careful about how you have priced the app compared to deliverables of the app. For Example, Facetune is one of the most popular paid apps in the App store.

The App gives its users Adobe Photoshop-like features to create picture-perfect selfies. Additionally, it comes at a much cheaper price than most of the editing software.

In-App Purchases

Paid downloads

There can be numerous ways for In-app purchases like unlocking an extra workout in a fitness app, a one-time cheat in a mobile game or adding a premium feature in a productivity app. However, one should know that the app should be functional without these additional buy-ins.


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In-App Subscriptions

This trick offers app users a very basic version of the app with an option for a paid upgrade to “unlock” the rest of the experience.

The main reason for this is probably because it keeps the app true to its promise: “it’s completely free to use”. In-App subscription mostly comes with an Ad-Removal feature. The most common thing every app user hates is Ads taking 1/5th of the space in that 5-inch screen. Additionally, it can distract the user experience if displayed at the wrong place or wrong time.

In-App Advertising

App Advertising

You can monetize your App with Mobile Ad providers such as Google’s AdMob and Ad Manager. Facebook and Twitter are making advertising easy for app publishers by displaying the right kind of ads, from the right advertisers hence giving them a perfect ROI.

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