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Chatbots have been very widely used in all online marketplaces with the sole purpose of assisting the customers. The trend of using these bots have dominated all of last year, and is most likely to do the same this year. However, they are still not being used to their full potential – one needs to know that if he is in the mobile app business, he should start adopting the use of chatbots.

Adopting the Use of Chatbots

According to the report that has been generated by a market research company, the global chatbot company has a total valuation of USD 190.8 million in the 2016, and it will soon reah 1.25 billion by 2025, with a CAGR growing rate of 24.3%

User Management

A chatbot is the bridge – it helps to reduce the communication gap between the end customer and you. Presently most B2C customers have lost their way, because the customer mindset has changed – they prefer using the messenger kind of automatic chatters, or the chatbots.

24×7 Availability

When you have thought of hiring a person who will sit behind the desk and constantly reply as customer support – be rest assured that this person is here only for 8 hours. Even in these 8 hours, there will be negligence, rest time, lunch time, distraction time, and this leads to overall inefficiency. But your customers are online 24×7 and they need help all the time! But the chatbot is a multitasker and is going to be around all the time. There will be absolutely no failure too!

Data & Metrics

Chatbots are also efficient in data procurement.  They can collect valuable data about customers, they can monitor and measure their interaction with each customer.

Time and Money Saving

They are both time and money saving – they let you focus on all kinds of tasks, reduce the pain sales and customer support, and make the business transactions easier.

Time and Money Saving

Absolute Need of the Hour

Chatbots have already proven to be extremely helpful in all businesses. They are the trend that every customer demands for. The automated responses saves time of the customers, and also helps the customer find the exact product/service they are seeking.

Benefits of Using Chatbots in 2019 for the Businesses

  • Increases user management : the chatbot is behind the success of any web application. To keep the users engaged with your brand, this is one conventional method. Chatbots provides information and also drives the interaction based on the information provided to it – making it more efficient. Chatbots do not bore the customers with irrelevant information, and they strictly keep to the flow of content.
  • The effective approach to global markets: if yours is a global business, customer support might be needed in several languages, at all odd times of the day, and throughout the year. Chatbots make this absolutely easy to handle.
  • Keeping updated to latest trends: in the first quarter of 2015, Business Insider proved that the Chatbots had reached to more customers than the social media sites themselves. Chatbots are easier and faster to use, they save up time, and companies now have the option to interact with these bots, in style.
  • Tools for data collection: Chatbots are excellent sources of data, they collect comments of the customers, which can be used as feedback, to improve products and services. You can incorporate improvements, and even optimize your website. Chatbots can also be used to track up the buying patterns of the customers, and hence help to market product items differently.
  • Great customer services: these provide real time assistance, they can engage in interactive communication, and along with text and voice, even produce pages, images, blog posts, tutorial videos and more. Robots can be trained to answer repetitive questions, and they can incorporate a human when a more complicated action is needed.
  • Saves up cost: this is a cheaper alternative than to have a cross platform application for hiring employees. Since chatbots are completely automated, they help the business owners to handle a wide variety of customers all at once.
  • More lead generation: bots aid the buyer’s journey and can ask the necessary questions to persuade and interrogate the user, and provide that valuable information to you. Chatbots ensure that the conversation is in the right direction.


Chatbots can be a great way to handle repetitive questions, they are cost effective, easy to maintain, and have great speed and use. In fact, the entire outlook of your bot will determine your business direction.

Sara Williams

Sara Williams is a cornerstone of the content marketing and insights team at iWebServices. Known for her strategic vision and meticulous attention to detail, Sara excels in creating content that resonates deeply with our target audience. Her expertise in analyzing market trends and translating them into actionable insights ensures that our content remains relevant and impactful. Sara’s passion for content marketing is evident in her thoughtful blog contributions, where she provides valuable advice and perspectives on industry best practices.


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