eLearning & Quiz-based
Behavior Improvement App

EmpoweredAchiever is app-based platform which supports individual learners who want to effectively accelerate the application of their learning and modify their behavior to learn even more effectively, be it at work, education, or life.

  • Python
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • AWS
  • Amazon S3


  • To design and develop

    A mobile application for individual learners to help them gain insights into their own capabilities.

  • To configure the app

    With multi-layered questionnaires to assess one’s true capability to transfer learning into practice.

  • To develop and integrate

    Digital content that includes animation, videos, presentations, and downloadable articles.

  • To develop and integrate

    A feature wherein individual learners can log their own achievements and learning intakes.


  • Designed and developed the app experience for both Android and iOS Phones.
  • Implemented the required functionalities using Python as the scripting language for both backend and API.
  • High performing solution stack comprising django, Apache, MySQL, and Python was deployed over amazon cloud network.
  • The content streaming module was deployed on AWS to maximise performance and delivering content through a secured format.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-empowered-achiever-1
  • app-icon-empowered-achiever-2
  • app-icon-empowered-achiever-3
  • app-icon-empowered-achiever-4

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