A Web-based Case Management Platform for American Legal Finance Association (ALFA)

A Web-based platform that maintains a comprehensive database (the Investment Management System, or IMS) of consumer legal funding advances made by ALFA members. ALFA members use this database to avoid potential problem cases and to ensure that cases are not over-funded.

  • AngularJS
  • WordPress
  • Microsoft .Net
  • MySQL
  • PHP

A brief of the platform

  • This bespoke application offers companies and its members access the investment management database system through a web-based interface.

  • The system offers its members multiple facilities to upload their caseload, update them & also search others’ cases.

  • An alert system used by system administrator and registered companies helps send out alerts to all other companies and members registered in the platform.

  • The system maintains a log history of all cases registered in the platform by all of its users.

  • The platform offers companies to access attorney database and also lets them create their own firm contact database.

  • With many downloadable reports available, companies can browse through fraudulent clients to avoid potential problem cases and to ensure that cases are not over-funded.

How we developed it

  • After receiving the initial brief, our Technical Business Analyst had set up a web-meeting with the client to discuss the project in details.
  • The legacy database was managed using Microsoft .Net and most part of it was corrupt.
  • Our Database team was engaged to recover the database to migrate the legacy data to the new platform.
  • An initial user journey was formulated following with a set of discovery calls.
  • The UI/UX designer created the UIs for the web-app and upon signing off on the creatives, the frontend development began.
  • In about 12 weeks the new platform was ready with the legacy data migrated over to it.
  • High performing solution stack comprising Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and WordPress was deployed over a cloud network for scalability.

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