Android & iPhone based Word Game App

We have designed and developed this mobile game app that runs on both Android & iOS Phones. The app is much enjoyed by kids and can be played by single and multi-user environment.

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • AWS

A brief of thePlatform

  • The objective is for a player to have their team guess the word on the player’s card without using the other words listed on the card. Best played in teams of 2 or more, this game’s primary language is hinglish. Set up the number of teams

  • Set up the number of turns

  • Choose a player to see the card

  • The player must try to make the other players in their team guess the word without saying any of the words on the card.

  • Because this game uses both English and Hindi words, it is suggested players use one language only.

  • Translation, rhyming or gestures of featured words are not allowed.

  • Team with the highest points wins.

How we developed it

  • After receiving the initial brief, our Technical Business Analyst had set up a web-meeting with the client to discuss the project in details.
  • An initial user journey was formulated following with a set of discovery calls.lved in building the final product.
  • TA set of wireframes were drafted to concrete the user journey.
  • The UI/UX designer created the UIs for the game and upon signing off on the creatives, the app development began.
  • The development team used to schedule regular sprint reviews during the development to keep the client informed of the progress.
  • In about 12 weeks the apps were was ready to go live to stores.
  • The app used push notifications and alerts to keep user engaged in the game.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-zabaan-sambhal-ke
  • app-icon-zabaan-sambhal-ke
  • app-icon-zabaan-sambhal-ke
  • app-icon-zabaan-sambhal-ke

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