Whether new to welding or preparing for that next great-paying job, S&W Learning is a one-stop app-based platform for welding education.

  • Client Tim
  • Industry Education
  • Location USA

Core Technologies



The client wanted a simple app-based solution to provide interactive training sessions followed through various assessments for S&W Learners.
The app users also wanted the ability to download and share the training sessions with others and take on group quizzes post the session.
Through various assessment, the App users also needed to be rewarded through points to keep them motivated taking more assessments and training sessions.

The Solution

  • After analyzing the target audience who are majorly between 18 -30 years learners, our brand strategists worked with the client to draft a brand identity to start with this unique product.
  • Since the app mostly revolves around easy access to training sessions followed with quizzes, the wireframes were created keeping the learner’s habit and simplicity in view.
  • Our UI Design standard was developed around the brand identity that we had formulated and thus we were able to capture the complete user journey from launching the app to accessing the leaderboard.
  • The App development was seemingly easy and straight forward with Amazon’s Cloud Front CDN delivery of streaming videos and Google chart APIs to produce interactive leaderboards.

App Home

Watch all the stacked tutorial videos based on your interest.

Questionnaire Screen

Answer the predefined questions to check your skill set.

All Screens

See complete screens of our Beautiful Crafted app.

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