Mobile Apps for Hands-On Training In Welding Education

S&W Learning is a one-stop app-based platform for welding education. The app offers several learning videos and interactive quizzes to its users.

  • Python
  • dJango
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • AWS

Features ofThe App

  • The client wanted a simple app-based solution to provide interactive training sessions followed through various assessments for S&W Learners.

  • The app users also wanted the ability to download and share the training sessions with others and take on group quizzes post the session.

  • Through various assessment, the App users also needed to be rewarded through points to keep them motivated taking more assessments and training sessions.


  • After analyzing the target audience who are majorly between 18 -30 years learners, our brand strategists worked with the client to draft a brand identity to start with this unique product.
  • Since the app mostly revolves around easy access to training sessions followed with quizzes, the wireframes were created keeping the learner’s habit and simplicity in view.
  • The style guide was developed around the brand identity that we had formulated and helped us to capture the complete user journey from launching the app to accessing the leaderboard.
  • The App development was seemingly easy and straightforward with Amazon’s CloudFront CDN delivery of streaming videos and Google chart APIs to produce interactive leaderboards.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-hs
  • app-icon-hs
  • app-icon-hs
  • app-icon-hs

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