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SnagPad is a learning and management job search platform that motivates individuals to look for work as well as help manage job leads throughout the process. By bringing job leads to SnagPad, strategizing them, and then applying to them, the likelihood of getting your dream job increases manifold.

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  • Industry Career Development
  • Location USA

Core Technologies


Key Objectives

  • To track and manage job searches by individual job seekers.
  • To offer an interactive caseload management feature to job coaches and agencies.
  • To improve job seekers’ chances of landing the right job by measuring and recommending the best methods during the job search process.
  • To offer employment agencies a panel where they can communicate with job seekers and job coaches.
  • To strategize and gamify the job search process.

Results & Benefits

  • An interactive six-staged digital job pad to showcase job opportunities.
  • Multi-level user interface and tracking capabilities for job seekers, job coaches, and agencies.
  • Extensive analysis and reporting during the job search process.
  • An application that recommends relevant jobs to job seekers based on their platform usage.
  • Facilitating social media aspects to a job seeker to help them get recommended throughout the job search process.
  • Web and mobile based solution for job seekers, job coaches, and agencies.
  • Job seekers were able to enhance their job search process through the interactive job pad.
  • Better coordination between job coach/agency and job seeker.
  • Integrated job search portals to keep the job seeker engaged to the platform.
  • The gamified approach helped job seekers to improve their chances of landing a job upright.


A simplistic view of the Job board along with the status of a job application.

Configure Device

Get custom reports on-the-go as per requirement.

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All the screens of the  Beautiful Crafted app created by our expert UI artisans.

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