A Progressive Web App For Artists & Art-Lovers

The App connects Art-lovers & artists in one single platform by offering an array of features, all delivered through this sleek progressive web app.

  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL

A brief of thePlatform

  • This PWA lets artists register and build their profile to showcase their artworks through pictures and videos.

  • The artists participate in competitions and engage with other art-lovers via the platform.

  • The platform lets art-lovers to appreciate and leave constructive criticism on the artworks.

  • The artists and art-lovers can also communicate through a secured chat.

How we developed it

  • After receiving the initial brief, our Technical Business Analyst had set up a web-meeting with the client to discuss the project in details.
  • An initial user journey was formulated following with a set of wireframes.
  • The UI/UX designer created the UIs for the PWA and upon signing off on the creatives, the frontend development began.
  • In about 8 weeks the PWA was ready using AngularJS for the frontend and NodeJS being used for the APIs and the secured back-office console.

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