Nudo - App for Fitness

All those fitness freaks out there, meet Nudo! And all those who think fitness is boring, meet Nudo! Whether or not you enjoy exercising, if you love meeting new people and having fun, Nudo is for YOU.

  • Client Nudo Fitness Pty Ltd
  • Industry Healthy Living & Wellness
  • Location Sydney

Core Technologies


What is Nudo

Nudo is a special Social Network Fitness App that connects both casual and professional fitness trainers.



  • Connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts in one place
  • Perform 10+ types of activities
  • Search for a personal trainer or a qualified coach to reach your fitness goals.

How We Did It

  • The need for a social network for fitness was imminent with so many similar businesses blooming in different verticals. The app owner was looking for a 360- degree team that could do everything from scratch. From the start to the end, we ensured that the creative and development teams were in constant touch with the client to understand his needs on every step of the process.
  • After the style guide was formulated, a draft of the prospective user journey was documented using all the ideas, thought processes, and materials that came up during the earlier brainstorming sessions.
  • After the Style guide was formulated, a draft user journey was documented using all the ideas thought processes and materials that came out from the earlier brainstorming sessions.
  • The Business Analysis and UI team came up with a series of screens presenting the overall user journey. It went through a few iterations before being sent for the final interface designing.
  • The next four weeks were set for finalizing the complete user interface designing, covering all user roles in the platform.
  • Although the development cycle cannot be put into a Complex app category, the Social Fitness app, Nudo, came with its share of associated development challenges. Initially, the multi-tier payment system integrated was not compliant with the business logic formulated and required some tweaking later.
  • The app is now going through further evolution and more exciting and new features are being added regularly.



Welcome screen gives users a quick glimpse of the app.

Login & Signup Screens

Few simple steps to create an account.

App Home

Displays the activity details.

All Screens

All the screens of our Beautiful Crafted app.

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