Diamond Price Valuation Tool through Apps & Website

Diamond Valuer apps & websites bridge the gap between the Valuers and customers and give an understanding of the current market price for diamond rings based on the diamonds and gold in it.

  • WooCommerce
  • Swift
  • Java
  • MySQL


  • Diamond Valuer Calculator

    Gives an approximate figure of what a diamond ring will be valued, for insurance purposes, which is generally the accepted method of determining the value of jewellery pieces.

  • Calculator

    Is based on the current price of the gold on the market and the price of diamonds provided by the main resources in the industry like Rapaport and GemWorld, diamond suppliers like ADTC, Blue Nile, James Allen and Michael Hill. Calculation is based on: Diamond Carat, Colour, Clarity and Shape, Gold Price, Manufacturing & Retail Factor.

  • If one is buying a Diamond Ring

    The calculator will provide a general indication of what to expect to pay for it. In case of selling, expect to get a lot less than the value presented, but it helps negotiate a better price.

  • The platform

    Also generates pre-evaluation certificates based on calculation of the current diamond and gold price on the market and it is based upon the principle of jewellery valuation per consultation with a qualified valuer.


  • Diamond Valuer was created to explain the process of valuing a diamond ring to its customer and give an estimated value of the ring based on that information.
  • Complete UI designing of the website and apps were carried out as a first step in the project development.
  • Designed the Diamond Price calculator using JS to instantly generate the price.
  • Designed and developed the Android & iPhone Apps.
  • Implemented the Diamond evaluation tool by connecting to Price APIs from several sources.
  • High performing solution stack comprising Nginx, Apache, MySQL, WP and was deployed.

Branding App Icons

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