IoT-based Smart Apps For Tracking Valuables using BLE Devices

NicoFindIt platform aims to serve its users through the power of smart tracking by helping them find their valuables from a distance. The Android and iOS mobile app helps locate things such as keys, wallet & other valuables by attaching small portable BLE devices to it.

  • Swift
  • Java
  • dJango
  • Laravel
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • APIs


  • The idea to create

    NicoFindIt originated from the need for something small, easy to disguise, and affordable that people can attach to the things they value.

  • A crowdfunding campaign

    Informed the client that people of all ages have the problem of losing things including laptops, bikes, keys, wallets, passports, and even dogs. On an average, a person has a tendency to misplace 3000 items a year and waste more than 60 hours finding them.

  • A solution

    Was needed to help save this time and worry and so our client wanted us to build simpler world by giving everything a smart locator.

How wedid it

  • Having developed a few GeoFencing and BLE beacon projects earlier, we knew what it takes to deploy a tracking app that can securely connect to Bluetooth and mini GPS devices and send continuous data.
  • The first step of the app development process was to establish who would be using the app, which we identified to be those belonging to the age group of 15-70 years. Next, our in-house app team brainstormed with the client on what the app user flow would be in order to create an app with a unique user experience, with a quick in and out time.
  • The key objective of the app was to allow easy tracking. We created a set of wireframes to mock the entire user’s journey within the app.
  • Post the wireframes, we followed agile development methodology to build several parts of the app simultaneously.
  • The app has been integrated with six different types of tracking and BLE devices covering almost all the BLE and GPS tracking devices available in the US.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-nico
  • app-icon-nico
  • app-icon-nico
  • app-icon-nico

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