NicoFindIt aims to serve its users through the power of smart tracking by helping them find their valuables from a distance. The Android and iOS mobile app helps locate things such as keys, wallet, etc.

  • Client Mr. Rensley
  • Industry BLE Beacons, Security & Tracking
  • Location USA

Core Technologies




The idea to create NicoFindIt originated from the need for something small, easy to disguise, and affordable that people can attach to the things they value. A crowdfunding campaign informed the client that people of all ages have the problem of losing things including laptops, bikes, keys, wallets, passports, and even dogs. On an average, a person has a tendency to misplace 3000 items a year and waste more than 60 hours finding them. A solution was needed to help save this time and worry and so our client wanted us to build simpler world by giving everything a smart locator.

How we did it ?

  • Having developed a few GeoFencing and BLE beacon projects earlier, we knew what it takes to deploy a tracking app that can securely connect to Bluetooth and mini GPS devices and send continuous data.
  • The first step of the app development process was to establish who would be using the app, which we identified to be those belonging to the age group of 15-70 years. Next, our in-house app team brainstormed with the client on what the app user flow would be in order to create an app with a unique user experience, with a quick in and out time. The key objective of the app was to allow easy tracking. We created a set of wireframes to mock the entire user’s journey within the app.
  • Post the wireframes, we followed the agile development methodology to build several parts of the app simultaneously. The app has been integrated with six different types of tracking and BLE devices covering almost all the BLE and GPS tracking devices available in the US.

Home Screen

Presents a list of your configured devices here.

Configuration Screen

Configure a device with the app in a few simple steps

All Screens

A glimpse of all the screens of this user-friendly app.

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