App based platform for inventory & logistics management

Designed for a closed group of users within an organisation this inventory management app helps administrator, employees and delivery executives work in a coordinated manner in delivering ice packets to its customers.

  • Flutter
  • Laravel
  • PostGreSQL


  • The idea of the application was to build a web and mobile-based platform, to ease the process of inventory management, tracking delivery and managing faults.

  • The administrator needs to manage the inventory, hardware, customers, orders, employees and produce real-time reports.

  • The second user role in the platform (delivery executive) needs to use the apps to track the customer address, record shipment and getting customer acknowledgement via digital signing.

  • The third-user role in the platform needs to operate as a sub-admin to the main administrator and able to perform all the functions that admin does based on the permission given.


  • Designed mobile phone user experiences for both Android and iOS.
  • Implemented the required functionality using Flutter as the app language for both Android & iOS.
  • Integrated the admin user role with Laravel on a web-based secured backoffice application.
  • High performing solution stack comprising Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and Laravel was deployed over a cloud network.
  • Google maps was integrated within the app for users to locate an address.
  • The solution was deployed on AWS to maximise performance and delivering content through a secured format to the closed group of its users.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-iceplant
  • app-icon-iceplant
  • app-icon-iceplant
  • app-icon-iceplant

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