IOT based project for Oral hygiene

The app uses bluetooth connectivity that enables parents to keep track of their child’s oral hygiene and take pre-emptive action against potential dental problems.

  • Swift
  • Java
  • Laravel
  • AngularJS
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

Features ofThe App

  • Deeno utilizes a special electric toothbrush that connects to the Android & iPhones via Bluetooth.

  • Create multiple profiles on the app and set the optimal daily brushing goals.

  • Watch the targets as they are achieved.

  • A single dashboard to monitor multiple childs.

  • Monitor brushing sessions.

  • Each time the brush-users cleans their teeth at their pre-programmed times, they win coins.

  • Kids can play the games hosted within the app using the coins.

  • Parents can access the brushing history and records using the app.

  • The app sends brushing reminders / alerts.


  • Integrated Smart Tooth Brush using BLE with the mobile apps.
  • Developed and integrated smart games within the app.
  • Integrated interactive graphs and charts in the app.
  • Integrated the data with the backend console for administrative purposes.
  • Implemented Laravel-based backend.
  • Improvised bluetooth data syncing with the app.

Branding App Icons

  • app-icon-deeno-saur
  • app-icon-deeno-saur
  • app-icon-deeno-saur
  • app-icon-deeno-saur

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