iOS App For Pianos

The iOS App comprehends many features including connecting to the Self-Playing Pianos to play songs and lets its user sit back and enjoy as the piano comes alive! Besides a fully-loaded music app, the App also facilitates recording and playing MIDI files .

  • Swift
  • Python
  • AngularJS
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB


  • Provide a branded app with a unique customer experience.

  • Allow customers to make in-app music purchases delivered by Apple.

  • Reduce legal risk by separating the MIDI piano performance from the MP3 master recording (originalartist performance).

  • Integrate with one or more third-party music subscription services (such as Apple Music) for master recording content.

  • Complete re-branding of PianoDisc’s iQ iOS App.

  • The app will feature a “store” tab, in which albums and songs are available for purchase. Music content will be purchased using Apple Pay, and pushed by Apple to the user’s app immediately after completion of the sale.

  • In-app purchases in at least the following markets (and respective languages) will be supported: USA, UK, EU member countries, Australia, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand, and Russia.

  • A monthly subscription will be offered to customers, who will be given unlimited access to certain music collections.


  • Technical Architect, App testers and App engineers went through the documents and drafted a sprint-plan that laid out further development stages.
  • As the development kicked-in, Git repositories were set up and access was shared across the teams.
  • Sprints were rolled-out as per the Sprint plan duly reviewed by the App Tester.
  • The Backend engineer coordinated with PianoDiscs back-end team and the App team of iWebServices to integrate the two systems.
  • All communication were carried through TeamWorkPM tool, Skype and Phone calls. Weekly Sprint reviews helped everyone to remain updated.
  • Integration engineer, Tech Architect, iOS App developer & Backend Developer worked closely to finalise the builds and made sure the App is published in the AppStore after passing the required due-diligence.

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