DATA helps athletes overcome depression and anxiety through a self-paced training, interactive activity calendar, and personal coaching service, all within the same app.

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  • Industry HealthCare
  • Location USA

Core Technologies



  • To set up a platform where athletes can get access to 100+ stress management workouts.
  • To deliver personalised coaching to athletes through an alluring app experience.
  • To digitize the process of communication between athletes and coaches via an instant text and video messaging channel.
  • To offer recorded training sessions, readable resources, live trainings, all through a handheld experience.
  • To engage athletes to frequent a stress-free life.

How We Did It

  • Exploring the Needs : With such a varied target audience ranging in age-groups of 16 to 70, it was practically hard to lay out an intersecting set of objectives. The client assisted the team by sending timely feedback and going back-and-forth with the team to assess the needs streamlined to the problem it was trying to address.
  • Responsive Wireframing : Through a series of iterative meetings and discussions, the Business Analysis team laid out the first set of concrete wireframes.
  • Experience Designing The expert UI team took the wireframes and produced sets of user journeys for various user roles involved.
  • App Development :  A team of six members comprising NodeJS, Java for Android, Swift for iOS, Software Testers, and Markup Engineers were formed. The team followed an agile methodology where faster sprints were continually rolled out for a period of four months.


Welcome screen gives users a quick glimpse of the app.


User receives messages from the trainer to set his workout schedule.

All Screens

All the screens of our Beautifully Crafted app.

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