App-based Time Tracking & Invoicing Platform for employees

An App built for Android & iPhones to facilitate automatic time tracking for team members working on a project. The App extends the capabilities of an existing web-based application to mobile devices.

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • ATK Framework
  • MySQL

Features of the app

  • Splash screens for easy user onboarding

  • Login / Forgot Password

  • Dashboard Option to start/stop tracker

  • Stats and Monthly Data

  • Start Tracker

  • Auto-sync timer to selected project

  • Stop Tracker

  • My Profile

  • Push notifications


  • Designed the app experiences for both Android & iOS. Implemented the required web-services extending the ATK web-platform to connect to the apps.
  • The App developers developed different components per the sprint plan and later integrated those under the supervision of an experienced technical architect.
  • A few third-party APIs, push notifications and automatic user alerts were integrated with the apps before going live.

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