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Our stakeholder workshops are designed as targeted, interactive, and engaging activities that can rapidly align a diverse group or multi-level stakeholders. Using these in a better way helps you in decision making to churn out key outcomes.

Get in touch with us to avail our workshop development services to know engaging activities and make decision-based on it to increase ROI up to 200%.

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Our Stakeholder Workshop Services

  • Core Model Workshop

    These workshops are a great starting point for redesigning and improving the UX of existing web sites. It focuses on finding business objectives and then matches the user research with the most common user tasks. It uses insights to create an actionable, mobile-ready redesign plan.

  • UX Stakeholder Workshops

    These workshops enable several departments or personnel from the organizations to collaborate together, generate ideas, and create stakeholder alignment before setting off on the project.

  • Task Analysis Workshop

    Task analysis clarifies what users need to accomplish whenever they are visiting the site. This is one of the most important processes prior to design and redesign initiatives so that workflows can be supported in a frictionless manner. Task analysis insights are gained by observing users and their behaviors and deliverables from this process, which include a hierarchy of tasks from a high level to more detailed breakouts of sub-task.

  • Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

    Customer Journey Maps illustrate all the crucial points of a customer’s experience with your organization and products. These resulting insights enable the scope of organizational, workflow, and technical improvements. Journey maps are similar to flow diagrams and focus on the series of events that make up the total of a customer’s experience. They also help teams to communicate broadly across a company about planned customer experience improvements.

Why Choose Our Stakeholder Workshops Services?

We maintain a flexible structure of our workshops and each one is customized to suit the client’s project’s needs and requirements. Some of the key topics of our Stakeholder Workshop covers include:

  • What are the core business activities?
  • What are the key business objectives?
  • What are the challenges they face?
  • Internal understanding and engagement with technology?
  • How the current digital environment is managed?
  • What do they think about the current digital environment?
  • What do they want from the digital environment?
  • What do they think users want from their business digitally?

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Stakeholder Workshops Services We Work With

At iWebServices, we put up with optimized code, interactive applications, and result-driven development approach for Stakeholder Workshops Services.

Proven Strategies to Engage and Align Stakeholders

We will help you identify difficulties, challenges, and opportunities, from where we can suggest you the areas which can be improved. Through this, we will build a deeper mutual understanding of the key issues regarding the success of your project. The workshop can be held with smaller semi-aligned teams or larger groups that include stakeholders from across or outside of the organization.


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