• Build Fast & Real-time Applications Using NODE.jS

    Developers at iWEBSERVICES are using Node.js for quite some time now, and have developed numerous infinitely scalable and real-time applications for small, and large-sized businesses.

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    Our Node.js Development Services

    Node.js is very fast, asynchronous and event-driven. That’s the reason why several prestigious multinationals including, eBay, GE, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Paypal, Uber, Yahoo! etc. use Node.js today. Be it a requirement of application development or module development, our team of Node.js developers can handle it all.

    • Real Time Statistics Display

      Take advantage of the swiftness and reliability of Node.js and get real time statistics displayed on your dashboard.

    • E-Commerce, Shopping Cart

      Take advantage of the internet; get your store online and open doors to the world of opportunities.

    • Plug-ins Development

      Want to add an additional feature or enhance the functionality? Opt for our Node.js plug-in development service.

    • Maintenance and Support for NODE.JS

      Is your Node.js project over and running smoothly? Keep it running the same way with zero down time with our low-cost Node.JS maintenance services.

    • Interactive Application

      Looking for development of a Node.js based app? Look no further, our experience beats the entire market, hands down.

    • Real Time Chat Applications

      Want to engage your users by deploying real time chat applications? Try iWEB’s Node.js based development and outshine.

    A Global Leader In Web & Mobile Development Services

    At iWEB, we have a commitment towards a long-term relationship. Though a lot of good can come from a carefully planted idea, more yet can come from one that is nourished and maintained.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What kind of applications are most suitable to be built using Node.js?

      Node.js is a preferred framework for building servers required to handle thousands of connections, applications demanding intensive data exchange (video and text chat, real-time tracking applications), single page and responsive mobile apps where complete page refreshes would lead to a bad user experience and building fast prototypes. If you wish to know whether Node.js is the right platform for your company or not, consult with us. We would love to analyze your business requirements and help you with our Node.js consulting and development services.

    • How proficient is your Node team?

      We have a huge team specialized in complete full-stack MEAN technologies including Node.js. Our team of Node.js developers, consultants, and architects has developed and migrated many applications so far and hence they are well-aware about every nook and cranny of the Node.js universe including the most popular backend frameworks. Taking advantage of the speed, high-performance, and lightweight that Node.js offers, our Node.js consulting and development services help to build client-side and server-side web applications with strong social and video integrations for our clients.

    • My current application is not scalable enough, will it help to migrate to Node.js?

      Yes, in most likelihood. The Node.js platform is based on an asynchronous and event-driven architecture. This along with fast compilation to machine code results in much faster and scalable back-end architecture. Whether your current application can leverage these benefits and how much effort would be required will depend on audit results of your current application. Our Node.js migration and consultation team will be happy to discuss and consult you a road-map most suitable for your context with or without Node.js.

    • What are your pricing and engagement models?

      We have expertise working in both distributed as well as fully outsourced development model, using Agile practices and approaches in an iterative and incremental manner. We prefer to work on time & materials but also work on fixed price models if the requirements and scoping are clearly laid out. In most of the cases, we deploy a dedicated team that works only on a single project at a time.

    • Which development processes do you follow for a Node.js development project?

      Our Node.js development and all other projects use Agile methodologies. We have years of experience using Kanban, Scrum and XP practices. Our company follows an iterative and incremental software development backed by state-of-the-art engineering practices to deliver working software exceeding user expectations within the shortest time frame possible and providing best returns on investment.

    • Do I have a choice of front-end technologies and back-end databases?

      Yes, completely. We have used multiple mix-and-match technologies depending upon the requirements and context of the application state. As an example, we can choose AngularJS or ReactJS for front-end. We can use ExpressJS or HapiJS for middle-layer and we can choose between multitudes of options for Databases suiting your company. Our Node.js consulting team can assist you in exploring the feasible options available for your frontend and backend, based on your requirements.

    Build Fast & Real-time Applications Using NODE.jS

    The ultimate aim of Node.js is to provide users and businesses with an up-to-date, reliable and stable JavaScript-based application development platform. Apart from this, there are a lot of benefits that one can reap out by using Node.js based development.

    Benefits of Node.js for Web Application

    • Easy installation and local execution
    • Inexpensive testing & deployment
    • Easy to develop real-time systems
    • Asynchronous and event-driven processing
    • Super-fast and highly scalable
    • Multiple platforms compatibility of the code
    • Small heap distribution per connection
    • Good performance for HTTP and TCP protocols
    • Smaller parsing time
    • Deals with API or real-time web socket programming
    • Surprisingly rich web applications
    • Low-level API
    • Easy availability of open source modules
    • Activity driven by community

    Why Choose Us for Node.js Development?

    Get comprehensive solutions for your precise requirements by involving multiple technologies and our extensive experience of building enterprise level applications on Node.js.

    • We charge a fraction of the development cost and leverage our resilient application development experience to offer you only the best solution
    • We analyze and use re-usable components effectively to accelerate the development pace of your project
    • Our in-house team comprising of highly skilled professionals possesses a collective experience of several decades
    • Always have complete control over your project through expertise of our various closely knitted cross-functional teams
    • Think beyond Node.js and choose a team with strong expertise on the all popular UI frameworks

    We Complete every step carefully

    Every successful business sprouts out of an idea, but not every idea sprouts into a successful business. We hold the capability to execute an idea from scratch and provide 360-degree digital transformation. We can be trusted because we have done it for ourselves as well as for hundred others.

    • Planning
    • Design
    • Development & Testing
    • Launch
    • Maintenance

    A Few Of Our Latest Creations

    • MOES

      Web & Mobile Apps based solution that allows users to make their utility payments such as Mobile recharge, Post-Paid bills, Air tickets, Hotel bookings & Money-transfer etc. through a single interface.

      Client Name
      Utility & Bill Payment
      4 Dec 2016
    • Negoshe

      A revolutionizing app that connects vehicle owners & workshops to connect in the shortest span of time.

      Client Name
      USA Automotive
      30 March 2018
    • SnagPad

      SnagPad is a learning and management job search platform that motivates individuals to look for work as well as help manage job leads throughout the process.

      Client Name
      Career Development
      15 March 2017
    • 60 In 60

      The 60 in 60 Challenge App encourages a user to train in various career development strategies, helping the person getting closer to finding a job.

      Client Name
      Job Search Board, Inc
      22 Jan 2018
    • Farah’s Fashion

      A complete eCommerce transformation to Farah’s Fashion- one of Australia’s best-known company in Islamic Clothing.

      Client Name
      Fashion & Apparel
      13 June, 2017

    What people say about us

    • John

      I’ve worked with iWebServices on a number of projects and wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. They’re efficient, effective and innovative on how they approach things. The culture of the team is customer first and they get things done. I started with a website and graduated to an app. The depth of their talent is unquestionably the best in the business.

    • Daniel

      Highly recommended team to work with.

    • Rensley, NicoBeacon

      In a few words very professional and accurate. I would recommend people to work with them. Very satisfied with their jobs.

    • Carolyn, Empowered Achiever

      We’ve been working with IWebServices for 5 years or so now working on a wide range of tools… from websites, to assessment tools, a learning management system and more recently development of an App.

      Always professional and we’ve developed a close relationship over time.

    • Mark Crowther, Scrifterly

      From start to finish the engagement with the team was professional, cooperative and supportive. The project manager quickly got in touch, set up access to a project management tool for myself and the team and connected on Skype. Checking in each day via Skype and responding to queries I was able to monitor the progress of the steps being worked on and give feedback, that was responded to in every case.

    • Alexander Jones

      The team delivered good work and provided useful suggestions throughout the project. Communication was great. They took the project seriously by using project management tool. They were also being flexible with my schedule and took time to hop on Skype at times that were convenient for me. Besides, they brought up any concerns they had that came up while developing the site and we discussed about it to move the project forward. I would recommend iWebServices to others and I plan on working with them again in the future

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