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If you own a physical store, a restaurant, or any commercial enterprise, you need real people to enter your premises for your daily sales. We render iBeacon app development services to help you improve your business.

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Our iBeacon apps send notification to selected prospects in the nearby crowd as soon as they come in close proximity of your establishment. The notification could be in the form of an introduction of the store or latest in-store offers. It offers an excellent opportunity to connect with your prospects, customers, personalize their experience, and drive repeat sales.

Our Expertise In Developing iBeacon and Bluetooth-Low-Energy Based Apps

Be it tracking of footfall in your store or exhibition stall, offering of discounts or special offers to the nearby prospects, or triggering push notifications based on user behavior, our iBeacon apps help you communicate with your customers better by elevating your marketing efforts to receive more sales.

We Guarantee 100% Integration with Most GPS/BLE Devices

We have developed an app-based product named ‘NicoBeacon’ that uses both GSM based GPS devices and BLE enabled beacons to direct the owner of the app straight to the asset through an interactive guiding mechanism. The app provides detailed route maps and the location history of the assets. The app also uses GeoFencing feature to streamline geo-targeted marketing content to users.

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iBeacon & GPS Tracking App Solution Offers

  • Constant live tracking providing real-time locations as well as previous travel history.
  • Real-Time Notification while crossing a speed threshold, safety zone breach, notifications for emergency events.
  • Breaches or instabilities can be informed instantly.
  • Geofence helps to create a virtual perimeter for tracking. The owner will be notified every time the device leaves the perimeter. Geofence can be set in kilometers using the app.
  • Tracking solution for Kids, Pets, Valuable assets, Gadgets etc.
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