Experience Design.

No doubt, product design is important, but so is user experience too.
That’s because an average visitor spends the initial few seconds looking
at your product’s design, but in order to stick with it for the long term,
the user experience plays the major role.

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Our experienced team of interface designers and product architects employ only the best practices among user experience research and design principles. During the entire process, they put the user’s expectations at the center and build something unique that could attract and captivate target users.

  • Research
  • Design & Test
  • Captivate

    Design Discovery & Competitive Analysis

    In the design discovery phase, we do a preliminary fact finding to ensure a full understanding of the project goals. It is important to avoid late discovery of need/opportunity identification and to have a clear idea of a positive user experience. It’s done by carefully reviewing all product requirements and related information supplied by the client.

    The Competitive analysis further helps in understanding the competitive landscape and to integrate the differentiating features to the product. Our team of experts generates original concepts and ideas that improve our Client’s initial product ideas. This further amplifies the probability of a successful product launch product sustenance.


    Personas & User Journey Map

    After completion of Design Discovery & Competitive analysis, we gather the basic background information about the target/potential users of the product, this may include things that motivate them, things they engage in on daily basis, their technological understanding and preferred communication route.

    Post assessing the personas, our team of experts prepares a visual or graphic interpretation of the overall story from an individual’s perspective of their relationship with the product, over time and across channels. Sometimes, a more text based approach is adopted by our team to describe certain situations associated with customer experience. Although the entire story is put forward from the customer’s perspective, it also emphasizes upon important business requirements.


    Mockups, Wireframes & Prototypes

    A wireframe can be considered as a simplified rough outline of an actual product, which can be generally recognized by its distinctive block layouts, use of lines to represent text, and “x” squares representing image spaces.

    The wireframes greatly assist in the initial assessment of the product before finalizing the actual content details. Their simplicity allows the team to experiment with the product, along with identifying early mistakes.


    User Interface Designing

    The User Interface (UI) Designing brings together concepts from interaction design, visual design, and information architecture. It focuses on ensuring an interface that is easy to access, understand and use by the target/potential users, anticipating their interaction with the product.

    As the majority of users today have become familiar with interface elements acting in a certain way, we try to build interfaces on the same consistency and predictability. Doing so helps us in gaining overall efficiency, quick completion and user satisfaction.


  • What is a prototype?

    A prototype is an interactive demo version of a proposed product or an application. It generally helps in gathering valuable feedback from all stakeholders before the actual development begins.

  • What are wireframes?

    Wireframes are the structural level designs of a website that are used in early development stages to establish the basic structure of a page.

  • What are user journeys?

    A user journey is a path a user may take to reach their goal when using a particular website. It's used in designing websites to make user achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible.

  • What's the difference between UX and UI?

    The UX deals with enhancement of user experience and overall satisfaction, while the scope of UI is limited to User's interaction with the product or an application.

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