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Why is Magento Best for E-commerce Website Development?

  • Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Why Magento is Best for Ecommerce Website Development



Businesses want to have their online platform to sell their products and services since everything happens on the internet. It becomes essential to get an online store if you are into the e-commerce business.

Many platforms help you build a website from scratch, including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. In this blog, you shall get to know what Magento is and why it is the best e-commerce website development service for your business. 

Many business owners search for a good and cheap website developer who can build their website as and how they like it. Left with no option but to start from scratch, many retailers turn to Magento, the most advanced e-commerce platform in the world. It encompasses a wide range of features.

Magento might be the next de facto website-building platform for your e-commerce store. Various in-built features enhance the efficiency of the services offered by your business. Before you hire Magento developers for your project, let’s understand why you should opt for it.


Top Reasons to Choose Magento for Your E-commerce Website Development


Low-cost e-commerce development


Lower costs are a vital factor affecting your decision to choose between various e-commerce development platforms. Magento is quick, easy, fast, and economical for your business. It is the go-to platform for small-scale companies. Cloud hosting minimizes the cost of maintenance, monitoring, and hosting an e-commerce website. However, the cost can vary according to the number of features you want to implement on your website, the location of your business, and the version of Magento chosen by you. The average cost for a Magento website starts at $2000.


Multiple Stores


Multi-Store is an excellent option to start an E-Commerce business. Online businesses across the globe choose Magento and consider it to be the best choice for multiple stores. You can monitor various stores through a single dashboard. It makes the process quick and easy to add products in multiple stores, hence taking less time and making web solutions easier. 


Community support


Community support by Magento comprises a dedicated team of developers, bloggers, writers, project managers, etc. The community solves any problem faced by the developers. Around 360,000 members contribute towards the solutions and are efficiently equipped with giving verified solutions to the developers. Experts and well-equipped tech groups will solve any particular issue.




Magento is a public network with free and open-source codes. Contrary to its rival company, Shopify, Magento lets the developers use the codes for free. The platform allows online customers to modify websites that suit their business best. Magento modules help promote your website globally, and the Magento team can help you out with it if you choose Magento.


Unparalleled performance


Loading time is the minimum when you use Magento, and query resolving also takes less time than other platforms. Other static operations are also of high quality that improves the processes of your business website. Thousands of clients choose Magento because of its extensions that can be modified according to them. Standing out of the crowd becomes easier with Magento. 


Support all payment methods


Magento incorporates all the standard payment methods that an e-commerce website must-have. It eases down the tension of the business by smoothening the payment process for their customers. It supports PayPal,, Google checkout, Amazon payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and other methods. 




Content and other written data are SEO friendly in the Magento platform, giving you an advantage over other E-Commerce platforms. Magento is loaded with URL structure, sitemaps, positioning layer, URL requirements, descriptions, etc. Combining SEO plugins and extensions takes your website one step up in ranking. These features are a must for you to opt and it also makes your website more user friendly and easily crawlable by Google bots.


Mobile compatible


More than 60% of online customers and buyers use their mobile phones to order online. Hence, making the need to develop a website all the more important which is also used through smartphones. Magento supports HTML5 that improves the shopping experience on phone devices, and can also adjust to the phone’s size and quality. A customer’s mobile shopping experience can be enhanced using Magento.


Easy third-party integration


Parties exterior to Magento can adjust well with the development platform. It gets easier to combine and manage various services conducted by your business at the same time, including payment options, database apps, shipping, delivery, transportation, tracking, and other things as well. Moreover, Magento also provides in-built Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google checkout, and Google base that help you keep track of your website interaction and reach. 




Magento serves as the perfect platform for e-commerce businesses that want to develop websites flexibly and according to their likings. There exists complete control of the functions of the website. Creativity has no end in Magento, and developers can create unique and exciting websites. Customization, modification, and changes to the platform are freehand and upon your will. 




Magento is a multitasking platform. Several tasks can take place at the same time without hustle. Important tasks can be looked after by you because of this feature. Simultaneously, you can monitor and look after your Magento website. It saves time and effort. 




Magento should be your only accessible solution for e-commerce business web development. It integrates all the features and gives its customers a product that they dreamt for their business. 

iWebServices is a Magento web development company that helps e-commerce businesses grab their buyers’ attention through user-friendly online stores.

Why Is Magento Best for E-commerce Website Development?
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Why Is Magento Best for E-commerce Website Development?
The major benefits that will help you decide that why should you choose Magento for eCommerce web development.
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