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iWebServices Year In Review On Clutch For 2021


Mahabir Prasad

CalnderJanuary 13, 2022
iWebServices Year In Review On Clutch For 2021
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At iWebServices, we aim to give you an edge by building high-performing and robust web, mobile apps, wearable apps, and advanced web applications. We are blessed with an experienced team of UI/UX experts, full-stack frontend engineers, certified mobile app and backend developers, creative designers, and other professionals who help you accomplish your project.

With that said, we are proud to share with you our Year In Review on Clutch for 2021. Clutch’s year in Review showcases metrics such as review ratings, the number of reviews received for 2021, and NPS score. For context, Clutch connects businesses with the best-fit agencies or consultants they need to tackle their next big business challenge.

In 2021, we received a total of seven reviews on Clutch, with a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars. These reviews validate our commitment to giving our clients the best services and working experiences. Furthermore, another metric of high importance is the NPS score — this refers to a client’s willingness to recommend a service provider to their friends and colleagues. We are incredibly thankful to our clients for giving us a high NPS score, which will undoubtedly boost our brand in the industry.

We are also proud to announce that in 2021, we were highlighted as among Houston’s top B2B companies in the app development space. “We’re proud of this achievement, and it’s all thanks to our amazing clients.” – Mahabir Prasad, CEO & Founder, iWebServices

Are you looking for a reliable web and app development company to help with your project? Well, give us a ring, send us an email, or fill out that nifty form. One of our consultants will reach out to you shortly.

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