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Travel App Development – Features, Benefits & Cost Estimates

  • Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Travel App Development - Features, Benefits & Cost Estimates



The travel industry is also experiencing a shift similar to other sectors due to advancements in technology. In addition, the world is becoming smaller and more accessible with the internet. As a result, international and national traveling management has become easy to handle. 

Current time has become crucial for considering travel application development due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The global tourism industry is estimated to reach greater heights, and hence the market for traveling might soon recover and come back on track.


Various Travel Management Applications :


Flight Booking Apps


Flight bookings are the most common applications. They help in the bookings of flights online. Many apps also help in finding the best deal for the destination you want to go to. 

Apps like Trivago and MakeMyTrip help in comparing flight prices and the best deals available. 


Hotel Booking Apps


Holidays and travel go hand in hand with hotels. So hotel booking is as vital as flight booking. Mobile apps let you book hotels and homestays just in a few clicks. is the highest-ranked travel app for booking hotels, holiday homes, etc. 


Navigation Apps


Navigation apps are different from booking applications. They integrate navigation to specific cities, areas, roads, countries, etc. Users can use it to explore unknown places. You can even find hotels, restaurants, beaches, sightseeing, etc., near you.

Waze is a popular navigation app with various features informing people about traffic, hazards, etc. 


Language Help Apps


The translation is a vital tool that helps tourists to communicate correctly in foreign countries. English is usually a common language everywhere, and everything is translated and navigated through this common language. Duolingo is such an app that facilitates language translation. 


Trip Planning Apps


This is a fun app for planners who want to plan their holidays and trips on an application online. These usually suggest an integrated package of holidays that the user wants. 

MakeMyTrip and Yatra are common examples. 


Essential Feature for Travel App


GPS Service


GPS feature facilitates the tourist or travelers who want to find hotels, local attractions, or restaurants can use the service to track and look for such facilities near them.


Maps and navigation feature


Users who do not want to download external applications are happy to find inbuilt maps and navigational features in the travel app that they are already using.


Smooth Navigation


Navigation for the user should be a smooth process. It should be easy to move from one section of the app to another in just a few clicks. 


Review and Rating Feature


Rating and reviews are a standard part of travel app development. They act as a testimonial to the service that you provide. They prove the credibility of any service and give an outsider’s viewpoint about the workings of the services that the application offers to its customers. 

Ratings are also very crucial to build a trusted community of users that support you in your goals. 


Payment Methods Integration


Users feel irritated when the payment mechanism is not suitable and accessible. Many users might back out and use some other application because of a non-integrated payment system. Hence, keeping a comprehensive yet straightforward system is an essential component of travel mobile app development.


Social Media Integration


Travelers, bloggers, and influencers have high control over showing other people the services that they are using. Social media is crucial for any travel website as it promotes the app and increases the website’s reach. This is only possible if you have a substantial engagement on your social media. Thus, it becomes essential to integrate all your social media channels properly on your travel app.


In-app Cab Booking System


Apps with more in-built features and require lesser third-party intervention are more likely to succeed and emerge popular with the customers. Customers highly appreciate the convenience and In-app cab booking systems add on to that. 


Multiple deals and bonuses


People like offers. Promotional offers attract more users to the app and act as a bonus for your company. Giving out regular deals and rewards to the customers can ensure retainment as well.


Weather Forecast


Travelers always check the weather when they plan anything. Weather forecasting inside an app is an excellent additional feature. It allows people to know an estimated forecast without opening other websites or applications. 


Language Translation


Translation tools facilitate more accessible communication between the tourists and the locals. They can also read things while they are traveling in a standard or translated language. Therefore, it is popular amongst tourists. 


Integrated Booking System


An integrated booking system ensures a smooth experience for the customer, making their experience even more satisfactory. Therefore, discuss with your travel app development company if it is feasible to develop an integrated system in your budget.


In-app Currency Converter


The currency converter is an integral part of any travel application and holds a lot of importance. By converting local currency, it makes things easier for the users.


World Clock Time Converter


A time converter is another feature that can be added if international management is included in your travel mobile app development


Washroom/Restroom Finder


These facilities help the customers to find amenities in times of emergency.


Offline Access


Offline access helps customers to interact with the app even in the case of low or no network.


Benefits of Travel App Development


Easy to maintain: It is effortless to manage and monitor.

Complete Solution: Gives a holistic approach to your travel management services.

Enhanced brand visibility: Increases the marketing and promotional avenues of your services.

Customization Features: Adding, modifying, and changing features is straightforward.

Effective tool for Marketing: Results in more customer reach and more customer interaction.


Cost Estimate for Travel Application Development


The cost of developing a travel application can be estimated by:

  • Specific travel app development
  • Devices that support the website
  • App size including features
  • Number of developers 
  • Management and up-gradation and post developed services

The total cost can range from $7,000 to $9,000.




You must go through all factors before choosing the type of features you want in your travel app. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to hire travel mobile app developers. 


Travel App Development - Features, Benefits & Cost Estimates
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Travel App Development - Features, Benefits & Cost Estimates
Travel App Development: Benefits, Features, Types, Cost Estimation & App Monetization. In this blog, you are going to know everything about travel app development.
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