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Mobile Application Development Process – An Overview

  • Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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From brand promotion and increasing user engagement to increase product sales and revenues, mobile applications serve businesses in multiple ways. A mobile application nowadays became a primary need for every business, be it startups or enterprises.

The growing acceptance of mobile apps among multiple industries increased their demand. A mobile app development company nowadays creates a variety of mobile applications to cater to the mobile app needs of different industries.

So, have you already developed a mobile app for your business or still planning to develop an app? Well, if you are yet to plan for developing your business application, it’s necessary for you to get complete details about the mobile application development process.

Steps of Mobile App Development

Here, we are going to discuss various important steps in mobile application development. Take a look.


Getting an idea is the first thing that you need to do before approaching a mobile app development company. Your mobile app development idea should be unique and based on the type of your business, market scenario, target audience, etc.

To get some inspiration, you can go through your competitors’ mobile applications and focus on features, functionalities, etc. integrated into their applications. Going through these will definitely help you in getting the best idea for creating your mobile application.

Ideas Sharing and Brainstorming

Once you have a unique idea for your mobile app development, you can now get in touch with your mobile app development company. The representatives contact you to gather your ideas along with mobile app development requirements.

You have to share about all features, functionalities, etc. that you wish to integrate into your mobile application.

Once they gather your mobile app development idea, they polish it and give a technical touch if required. After this, the professionals engage in a brainstorming session to analyze the feasibility of app development with the desired features and functionalities


After gathering requirements and analyzing feasibility, your mobile app development services provider conducts thorough research work. It helps them get details about your competitor’s app strategy in terms of features, functionalities, monetization, etc. that their apps include.

It helps your mobile app development services providers create the right strategy for your mobile app development. And thus they ensure that your mobile application will gain a competitive edge over others.


A mobile app design services provider first develops a prototype based on client’s idea, needs, business goals, specific feature requirements, etc. After creating prototype, it is then sent to clients for their approval. Once clients approve the prototype, then the company takes it as a dummy user interface for application design.

An app design company crafts prototype to let their clients have an idea about how the final product would appear. Besides, it also encourages clients to request changes or the addition of further elements if they are not satisfied with the design.

Using the dummy design, the team makes it easier to test, dissect, and then also refine your project outline. It gives a kind of assurance that your application will deliver a great impact on clients and thus will witness a huge customer engagement.

Coding and Development

Once app design is finalized, app developers now perform the job of converting the design into code. A mobile app development company creates a wireframe to get ideas about how to connect features, classes, databases, and various other technical stuff.

Once the company defines everything in a proper way, developers then perform development work. The coding is done with the use of iterative process where they make frequent changes, when it comes to coding, in order to get the expected results.


After the completion of product development, the testing stage comes. In this stage, QA professionals conduct alpha and beta testing for the developed mobile application. Through testing, the professionals ensure that the end product is bug-free, secure, and developed in the desired way. In case of any issues, professionals take quick action to remove it.


After the successful completion of testing work, a mobile app development company then starts preparing to launch your mobile application on the targeted platforms. They submit iOS or Android apps to the Apple Store or Google Play Store by following the respective guidelines.

Support and Maintenance

No matter how powerful mobile apps developed, support and maintenance services are still crucial to ensure the flawless and smooth performance of the developed application.

A mobile app development company renders support and maintenance services to upgrade mobile applications with the new functionalities, features, Ui design, etc. to help it continue to gain the same kind of user engagement.


So, above are various important steps of the mobile app development process. A mobile app development company follows the above steps to create a variety of mobile applications based on different needs of businesses.


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