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Which Platform Should I Choose To Build My New Mobile App: iOS or Android?

  • Thursday, May 30, 2019
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Which Platform Should I Choose To My New App: iOS or Android?
As per IDC, there exist two major platforms to base mobile apps.  Android accounts mainly for the Indian users and iOS for the US, based app users. Though windows are also a promising platform, it hasn’t been as much success as the other two. Today all of the business apps are built using Android or iOS.

Every time a business seeks to deploy an app for the promotion, it has two major choices.  Either develop using the Android platform or iOS. In case, you wish to deploy both, you might encounter the given below issues:

  • The total time required to build the app increases drastically as then the developers need to focus on multiple areas.
  • Leveraged time accounts for rising in the total cost of app development and if you are low in budget, then this might be a fatal issue for you
  • If in future, you encounter an issue in the app, then the same needs to be modified at all platforms. This in a way increases time and cost overheads.

So, in order to be on the safe side, it is better to deploy on one platform, test the effectiveness of same and then deploy the same on a different platform.

When you are a fresh startup, one wrong move might turn fatal for the success of your organization and when I say this, I totally mean it. Well, you can totally choose to build hybrid apps, but that’s not the solution but alternative. So, focusing on the discussion here, let’s see what is the difference between iOS and Android apps.

iOS Vs Android

No doubt both of the said platforms are highly efficient for business professionals to build apps but recent statistics suggest that the app market is driven 87.6% by Android and around 11.7% by iOS. This is no way suggests that Android apps are more proficient than iOS but only highlights the fact that the app market of Android is much higher than iOS.

Well, we won’t base our discussion just on the above statistics but extend the same to several aspects of mobile app development.  And how should you base your choice of a platform when deciding to build an app.

ios vs android


When you are about to get an app deployed for your business, considering the location of your potential customers is significantly important. We are well aware of the fact that Android is emphasized on people across the globe whereas iOS is specifically designed for users of high premium category. One that has higher income and belongs to high society prefer iOS apps. So, if you are developing an app and focusing on a specific region of customers, then you can consider this, factor before deciding on which platform to choose.

Revenue Generation

No doubt deploying am the app is important to promote business but at the same time, generate revenue.  So, before you make the choice of developing an app on either of the platforms, you should consider which platform generates higher revenue. True that iOS apps are paid but this does not mean that they aren’t downloaded. In fact, the download rate of iOS apps is higher as compared to Android users. Where Android apps majorly rely on the ad-support, iOS users need to pay before even downloading the app, forget usage.

According to a survey, the app data collected from iOS users were 45% more than the Android users. So, in case you are focusing on revenue generation as compared to the first factor, then you need to consider iOS apps first.

App Development Cost

This is one of the most important factors when you are debating between the Android and iOS app development platform. Well, it is true that the cost of app development largely depends on the features added in the app but to our surprise, a survey shows that the cost of developing Android apps are far more as compared to iOS apps.  Shocking, right?

The above can be attributed to the fact that Android apps work on a range of OS devices.  In addition to the above, time taken to build Android apps is much more as to the iOS apps. There are multiple lines code in Android apps and hence the time of development increases followed by the cost of app development. So, if you are low in budget, choosing iOS would be a better option.

App Development Cost


Choice of an app development platform next depends on the features you wish to add. According to a survey, the probability to visit e-commerce stores is more for iOS users as compared to Android users. Further, the total number of users making a purchase through iOS apps is 23% and 17% for the Android-based apps. So, if your app is focused on the retail, then iOS apps appear to be more promising than the Android apps.

Enterprise Application

Earlier, BlackBerry was the sole developer of Enterprise applications but now Apple has emerged successful in building an enterprise application. Also, after a collaboration with IBM, iOS has several enterprise solutions.  So, here again, we see, iOS to dominate the much more popular Android apps.

Release Cycle

No doubt Android is popular but here too, iOS is more effective. Android though being open source, yet it is locked down by several carriers. As compared to the And, 95% of iOS users are using the updated version of the OS. In comparison to this, Android accounts for only 20%. So, going by this even if you dedicate your app on the latest version, you are probably going to have more users on iOS as compared to the Android. In this way, you can add new features and technology on the app and attract more customers at the same time.

So, you see, both have their own segment of plus and minus. Depending upon which segment maps your requirement and is of utmost priority, you can make your choice.

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Ryan, in his role as Sr. Tech Consultant, has proved himself to be someone with a wealth of knowledge in Techno-Marketing function. Ryan enjoys writing about technology that simplifies its usage for any business. A vivid blogger by passion, Ryan enjoys contributing to various communities and groups.

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