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5 Best Resources Every Android Developer Must Use to Create Better Apps


Mahabir Prasad

CalnderJune 9, 2017
5 Best Resources Every Android Developer Must Use to Create Better Apps

When it comes to Android development, everyone needs special guides or useful resources for enhancing the quality of technology, whether a new or experienced developer is taking up the whole process of development. For proper coding for using the latest tools, such tasks are essential in developing something unique and better. So, if you want to make things suitable for developing Android app, you should go for a reliable Android app development service like iWebServices that can provide you good results.

Here are five best resources that every Android developer must use in order to create something better and eye-catching

1. Forming Coding

Not all developers use the same coding style in the process of Android development. As a result, it becomes tricky to understand or work with another developer’s code. So, your coding style must be consistent as per the standard set of rules in order to make other developers to read your code easily.

2. Using Libraries

Repeating the source code in the process of developing Android applications is a blunder. To avoid it, you need to use libraries in which you will find various suitable tools and apps in creating a new technology. If you are outsourcing the tasks from a reliable Android app development service, you must know how a developer is taking the whole work of Android app development.

3. Designing More Advanced Applications

In order to give a perfect attraction of your application, you should make sure that it is eye-catching, despite being a life-saving one. Remember users judge the quality of your application within the first 30 seconds.

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4. Doing Without Java

In spite of having no knowledge on how to write Java code, you can still write and develop Android applications. The solution for this is a hybrid app, which includes mobile applications that are developed by using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. In learning the complete process of developing apps without Java code, you can go for a reliable Android app development company..

5. Staying Up-to-Date

As technology is becoming more advanced than before with great pace, so you need to stay up-to-date with the latest creation in Android development. You can read and access materials over the World Wide Web. You can also take guidance from an experienced app development company for becoming a perfect Android developer.
Besides these, if you know any other useful resource for Android app development, do share with us right here.

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